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Graduated Bar Soap   (+8)  [vote for, against]
The final solution for soap center slivers

Graduated soap begins in the place of manufacture with two small shell halves of a thin, brightly colored soap material being mechanically formed on a die. The two halves of the resultant shell are joined, filled with a gel soap and then capped with a plug.

The bar of soap is gradually built up using successive very thin layers, each of a different color.

The goal of this process is to provide a bar soap experience that the user can control. Should you use too much soap from one location on the bar, the color change evident clues you to wash using other faceted locations of the bar until the color transition is uniform again.

When you finally reach the center of the bar, the remaining first constructed shell dissolves releasing the gel soap core. You have no soap sliver left to contend with.
-- normzone, Oct 22 2012

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I think you're over-thinking this - I just stick the sliver on the next bar of soap.
-- DrCurry, Oct 24 2012

I certainly hope I'm over-thinking it. I tried to.

I like the sliver attached to the new bar technique, and I've seen another idea here regarding bars designed to accept slivers.

My problem is when the soap takes a fall and the sliver pops off and attempts to go down the drain. I try to minimize the amount of undesirable / unretrievable materials that go down the drain.
-- normzone, Oct 24 2012

//       I certainly hope I'm over-thinking it. I tried to.    //

-- Alterother, Oct 24 2012

overthinking [+]
-- Voice, Oct 24 2012

Perhaps the liquid core could contain some (probably magical) oxygen-activated catalyst that would cause the final solid layer to disintegrate as soon as its integrity is breached.
-- Alterother, Oct 24 2012

Forgive me, 'bakers.

"Let's Pretend This Never Happened" (A Mostly True Memoir) [a library book I'm reading tonight]

"When the racoons were old enough, we returned them all to the woods, except for one raccoon that we kept as a pet....he'd learned how to turn on the bathroom sink and would wash random things in it all the time, like it was his own private river...Once, we came home to Rambo in the the sink, washing a tiny sliver of soap that had been a new bath size bar that morning. He looked exhausted, and like he wanted someone to stop him and take him to bed,but when we tried to take away the last bit of soap he growled at us, and so we let him finish...
-- normzone, Oct 25 2012

[normzone] is reading books from the children's collection again.
-- rcarty, Oct 25 2012

Perhaps somebody should counter with Vonnegut or something.
-- Alterother, Oct 25 2012

Allow me to consult the Internet.
-- rcarty, Oct 25 2012

Permission granted.
-- TomP, Oct 25 2012

+ This is awesome and I think you are a genius!
-- xandram, Oct 25 2012

//other faceted locations of the bar until the color transition is uniform again//

Inner OCD Being Awake!

I now want one (and a shower) - but only after I've re-arranged some blank, but important, re-writable DVDs.
-- DenholmRicshaw, Oct 25 2012

This might work if and only if the inner gel was encapsulated by a gel-cap type shell that remained intact until pierced, then dissolved. This would allow the user to work down until that shell was completely exposed, then pierce it for one last use.
-- MechE, Oct 25 2012

Good idea with the pierced gel cap shell. That Malteser theorem sort of had me bummed out.
-- bungston, Oct 26 2012

Start with the interior of the cap being water (but not soap) soluble, or an agent in the liquid soap that will quickly dissolve the exterior of the cap (but not the interior). Coat the opposite side with a very thin layer that will disintegrate on its own without support.

Thus once it's pierced, the cap goes into solution quickly and the thin layer disintegrates.
-- MechE, Oct 27 2012

Alternate idea, make the cap dissolve in saliva. This version would be marketable mostly to grandmothers who are raising grandkids.
-- MechE, Oct 27 2012

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