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Grieving cream   (+10, -1)  [vote for, against]
Part of a grieving kit for the newly singled trophy wife

A cream that she can apply ( per directions ) that hides the joy that the old goat is dead. Keeps face pale for extended periods. Absolutly stops simultaneous smiling and laughing, especially in the presence of lawyers and investigators. Very useful during reading of wills. Kit would contain items such as instant tears and fake eye bags, etc.
-- cudgel, Sep 18 2009

Naive despair gloss Elijah_20Eye_20Gloss
Just the eye-treatment bit. [theleopard, Sep 18 2009]

I never knew how to stop fake eyes rolling away, or getting scratched.
-- pocmloc, Sep 18 2009

vanilla flavoured custard sets rock hard and works for this purpose...
-- po, Sep 18 2009

Oddly enough [cudgel], your second HB idea is very similar to my first... [linked]...
-- theleopard, Sep 18 2009

[cudgel], are you any relation to the Jack Vance charactor, "Cudgel the Clever" ?

Yay or nay, I highly recommend the read.
-- normzone, Sep 18 2009

[cudgel], are you any relation to the Jack Vance charactor, "Cudgel the Clever" ?

No, I'm spelled correctly.
-- cudgel, Sep 18 2009

would this work for men too?

could you also have a "he seemed really interested in what I was saying cream" ? in your line?
-- vfrackis, Sep 21 2009

Note: The producers of Grieving Cream have gone back to the lab to work on a product for men, as suggested, and a next gen cream for trophy widows who have had facelifts. It will replace the surprised look of their normal mask with a "may sob any second" countenance.
-- cudgel, Sep 21 2009

The men's cream to be sold in conjunction with refractive contact lenses that make the gaze appear approximately 12" higher than it actually is.
-- egbert, Sep 21 2009

This is a nice idea which makes heads explode if they think about it too hard.
-- nineteenthly, Sep 21 2009

Baked: Botox
-- BunsenHoneydew, Sep 27 2009

Botox is not creamy.
-- vfrackis, Sep 29 2009

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