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Detail Report of your grocery purchases

Grocery stores are storing information about my purchases so that they can have statistics about me and everyone else on what sells and what does not. They know who I am because of my "price savings" card. Why not mail me a yearly statement of what I have bought. (I have a credit card that does this for me.)

Better yet, send me the data electronically so I can do my own data mining on myself. Data should include Item, number purchased, total spent, and maybe a catagory that classifies similar items together. No need to report every single transaction, just the totals I think.

They have the data, I think the least they could do is let us have access to our own records.
-- blahginger, Aug 16 2000

Derek's Big Website of Walmart Purchase Receipts
You won't believe the statistics some people have compiled from other people's grocery receipts... [Lemon, Aug 16 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

I'd be interesting in seeing this, but it's another case of having something classified from the one person who should actually have access...
-- StarChaser, Aug 17 2000

That's why we need coordinated efforts at nonproprietary data mining. Nonproprietary anything is theoretically impossible due to the iron law of tragedy of the commons, of course, but people say I'm a dreamer. I wouldn't want to let those people down.
-- LoriZ, Jun 02 2001

And here I was picturing something like the stock report, only listing the current price of various staple goods at different stores.
-- bookworm, Jun 03 2001

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