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Fashion: Bra
Guitar Capo Bra Fastener System   (0)  [vote for, against]
... flick the lever for release

Am I the only one who finds the one handed bra release a tricky manoevre? [mental note to self : don't ask questions that leave me open to personal ridicule]

The guitar capo is a device that fixes around the neck of a guitar to raise the tone.[insert punchline here]. The beauty of this device is that it holds under a lot of tension (it has to to get a good note), but it's released very quickly via a lever - which is under no tension at all!

Confused - click the link for a bra revelation.

... but with breasts.

I propose that the bra could then be removed by simply flicking the lever with the one hand - leaving the other hand free for other purposes. ;)
-- jonthegeologist, Jun 10 2003

A capo http://www.tranchan...tar/images/capo.jpg
[jonthegeologist]'s link as a link. [phoenix, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Okay, as long as it's comfortable and not liable to undo itself...
-- phoenix, Jun 10 2003

Only if I can get a visual "Waah-Waah" effect.
-- ato_de, Jun 10 2003

I'm picturing a rollerblade-like fastening system. Zzzzzt click.
-- Worldgineer, Jun 10 2003

Right, of course . . . because we all know that a woman's top priority in buying undergarments is making sure that they can be removed by someone *else* as quickly as possible.

The classic "boys-will-be-boys" sexual harrassment technique of bra strap snapping could also have a lot more serious consequences if the target was wearing one of these.
-- culturalvacuum, Jun 10 2003

Anyone tried Velcro?
-- DrCurry, Jun 10 2003

I'm not sure Velcro would be able to hold under tension... the forces may be too great (depending on the cup size of course)
-- hazel, Jun 11 2003

Velcro? This might cause an unexplainable, worldwide increase in the use of the Heimlich maneuver, especially so if used in front-closure bras.
-- Tiger Lily, Jun 11 2003

//fixes around the neck//

So, this bra fastens around the neck, does it? Sounds like a great new offering for Boondoggle Industries.
-- pluterday, Jun 12 2003

fastens round the upper chest, like a normal bra. The only change I'm suggesting is to the way it fastens.
-- jonthegeologist, Jun 13 2003

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