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For all your HB idea researching needs

Pretty self-explanatory. A discussion forum. For the HB. Halfbakers who need to research for their ideas could come here.

Note: A discussion forum is, for those who are internet starved, a system somewhat similar to the half-bakery. People post threads, or topics, (both the same thing) and others reply with help or criticism. Or discussion. The key difference is that all posts, including and after the first one, take the same prominence, and virtually anything can be talked about.
-- Dominov, Feb 05 2007

Forum http://www.pmgi.com...penthouseforum.html
So not like this then?

WARNING! Not to be opened from a work PC. [DrBob, Feb 06 2007]

What kind of forum - do you mean a chat room? (thumbwax tried that, didn't catch on) The kind of open mailing list "overbaked" provides? The social forum in the style of the multiply halfbakery group?
-- jutta, Feb 05 2007

Doesn't the idea itself serve as a forum? You only need to bake it up halfway before posting. Just run it up the flagpole. People may salute, or post related stuff, or links, or personal insights into the matter, or unrelated attempts at wit.
-- bungston, Feb 05 2007

you can get one at forumer.com . Not that I'm reccomending that particular site, but it only takes a minute to set up a free forum. No offense, but I think that might be a good idea because this place is atrociously poorly organized.
-- thsn_idrc, Feb 06 2007

Funny how the phrase "No offence" always precedes an offensive comment.
-- squeak, Feb 06 2007

//this place is atrociously poorly organized//

what's the matter with you people? get yourselves organised, pick up all that litter, delete all those mfd ideas lying around, shape up those categories. lets get this place sorted, you never know who might drop in.
-- po, Feb 06 2007

is thsn_idrc an anagram or worse, welsh?
-- po, Feb 06 2007

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