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Wish I could build it first

This device would be the same size and shape as a large capacity flash based thumbdrive. One end is a standard USB connector end, the other end an HDMI connector. Inside there would be a tiny lithium battery to power a video player. The device would have built in flash memory, enough capacity to store several hours of HD video. The video would be unloaded via the USB end and the battery charged. To manipulate the player control there would be push switches built into the case.
-- evilpenguin, Jan 07 2011

(?) pogoplug video http://www.thestree...pogoplug-video.html
same sort of idea [mitxela, Jan 07 2011]

I like this because some sort of 'solid-state' means of distributing video content and movies would be a better solution than DVD or Blu-Ray. However, DVD and Blu-Ray are likely to be superseded by 'on-demand' video and faster networks rather than this.
-- hippo, Jan 07 2011

The problem is the processing power to decode video needs more than a tiny lithium battery.

Mains powered similar devices exist.
-- mitxela, Jan 07 2011

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