Product: Toy: Play Putty
H.R.Giger playdough   (+10)  [vote for, against]
textured playdough

dough in dark shiny colours,and different consistecies,but with soft gel and/or some kind of foam shapes in it [to mold with the rest of the model] in the shapes of details on a complicated Giger drawing. pipes ,bones,alien bits,scales etc
-- technobadger, Nov 02 2001

I will sculpt a giger croissant with knobs on
-- po, Nov 02 2001

Crayola and others have malleable foam products. And my son did this often enough using bits of toys and legos.
-- DrBob, Nov 02 2001

And you can get slime-dough in a plastic tiny trashcan with shiny eyeballs embedded in it.
-- hello_c, Nov 02 2001

A customisable build-your-own-Alien-alien kit's an excellent idea. I don't know if playdo's the right medium, though, because it doesn't let you do long necks and other protruding phallic bits too easily (they tend to fall off). Perhaps something involving latex, which you can buy from a theatrical supplies shop for doing masks and stuff, but then you'd need a framework and padding. That's why Meccano and Lego are best for square industrial-type shapes. Maybe a latex shell you can fill with foam padding to stretch and form it, and some of that slime stuff you get in cans to cover it all with (or KY jelly). Or perhaps a grow-your-own-alien kit would be better.
-- pottedstu, Nov 03 2001

The silly putty people have really been hurt by the advent of better newspaper comic ink, which now does not smear on the Silly Putty as did the ink of yore. Their stuff is just about right for this idea. I envision an egg carton of putty eggs in colors like cracker flesh, scarlet, maroon, glossy indigo, black, bile, mustard and so on.
-- bungston, Nov 21 2002

Does it come with a gift certifcate for future therapy sessions needed by children exposed to Giger's art at a young age?
-- krelnik, Dec 23 2002

I was hoping for playdoh that had a nice faint green glow...
-- RayfordSteele, Jul 21 2006

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