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Hair accessories for real men

I'm sure that most men are looking enviously at this category thinking, "if only I had hair suitable to hold inflatable ponytail fasteners or huge granite hair bolos". Well, this is the hair decoration for you, the person (of either gender) with a closely-shaven head and millimetre-long hair.

Simply take the attractive felt shapes from the pack and place them carefully onto your head, where they will stick firmly onto your cranial stubble. The usual motifs of tattoos might be popular - anchors, dragons, skulls, eagles, other 1970s country-rock bands. But the possibilities are endless.
-- kropotkin, Feb 26 2004

Sign me up for matching anchors. [+]
-- Letsbuildafort, Feb 26 2004

Jesus and Mary at the tomb, please. Memories! +
-- k_sra, Feb 26 2004

bored girlfriends would have endless fun moving and repositioning these on long cold winter nights... +1
-- po, Feb 26 2004

(po) Wouldn't even have to be bored!

You will have those special "holiday" or seasonal packages though, right? Might be fun to have sets of letters and numbers too~ I mean people use their clothing to make statemnents... so you could just say, "because I FELT like it!"
Notify me please when you release felt backed jewels, gems, etc... I could wear them on my ankles when I have that between shaves stubble..
-- no12pass, Feb 27 2004

One could apply mascara to the cranial stubble - according to tv adverts, modern mascaras have amazing curling power - for a velcro-like grip.
-- benjamin, Feb 27 2004

In my nascent shaven-headed days, I experimented with shaving shapes and such into my hair. Most successful was a BMX bike track running the entire length of my skull. My friend Adi did it first but it was no less cool for that. But this would be much better! Perfectly defined shape and colour with none of the fiddling. Croissant!
-- DocBrown, Feb 27 2004

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