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Fashion: Hair: Comb
Hairbrush Haircomb   (+3, -4)  [vote for, against]
Removes that pesky unwanted hair!

My wife has long beautiful hair. Almost every other day, I go to use the hairbrush, and when I run it through my head, I find there's hair in my head. Now, I *could* spend 20 minutes picking it out of the hairbrush, but wouldn't it be nice if there was a brush created specifically to remove the hair from a hairbrush?

Or, even better, a hairbrush that cleans itself? You stick it in it's holder and when you wake up the next day...voila! It's all clean!
-- gb2000, May 15 2002

You can just use a normal comb - it gets the hairs out of a brush pretty effectively. Or you could even buy your own hairbrush, you stingy so and so!
-- salachair, May 15 2002

Typical halfbakery solution: self-cleaning hairbrush. Typical real-world solution: buy another hairbrush.
-- pottedstu, May 15 2002

Well, buying another hairbrush would be all well and good...however, she will still use it. Plus, having two of the darned things on the counter is annoying.

Yeah - the more I think about it, the better I like the self-cleaning wizzgig...

-- gb2000, May 15 2002

How about just one that is double-headed, with a brush on each end (or on each side), in the classical his n' hers tradition?
-- bristolz, May 15 2002

Shave your head. Better still, shave the head of your lady wife.
-- calum, May 15 2002

thats a first. a man complaining about having too much hair on his head.
-- po, May 15 2002

Sometimes mine can be a pain as it is once again past my shoulders. It's amazing how hair can tie itself in knots.
-- thumbwax, May 15 2002

If your hair-encrusted brush was fireproof, you could simply burn it all off. Unless the sorry state of your greasy barnet precludes this.
-- brewmaster, May 16 2002

Dip it in acid?
-- herilane, May 16 2002

Put the brush in one of those isolation boxes with the robotic manipulator fingers. Charge the brush with 3000 volts of static electricity to make the hair stand out straight, then use one of the robotic arms to rip it out of the brush.
-- RayfordSteele, May 16 2002

If the bristles were retractable, the hair would get scraped off the bristles and fall off at the push of a button.

Just be thankful she doesn't use your toothbrush as well. But I suppose, unlike a hairbrush, you wouldn't know it if she did.
-- Helium, May 16 2002

There is something that does that for dogs' brushes, since they shed so much. I shed a lot too, since I have blonde hair down to my back... But I think that the best way is for the base of the brush to be flexible plastic, so you can grab the hair out of the brush and it gives way to your hand. Mine does that.
-- Bohemianqueen, May 16 2002

The self-cleaning hairbrush is a good idea! I even invented one. Go to

One problem though, the mold cost is $110,000 CDN and I calculated that $300,000 is the minimum investment needed to break even! The better idea is the pet brush. I spoke to Mr. Rolf C Hagen himself and his marketing and R&D manager. They had just made a study on pet-brushes for models they are launching, so I got all the information what is needed in a pet brush design that will sell! The "snap-n-clean" self-cleaning brush will only remain a novel internet item because it does not have the selling design features consumers want in a dog brush.

I have a working dog brush prototype (not on my website), but it can't be manufactured untill a production issue is resolved, which will cost $10K to $15K in R&D. I've spoken to plastic experts and it can be done. If Hagen gives the design thumbs up, about $200,000 is needed to make molds for three models, but I can probably get an upfront purchase order after the R&D proves successful.

Serious people/investors wanting to get involved may contact me through my website!
-- imaginarium, Apr 07 2003

What's wrong with just srabbing the hair out of it? Mine has flexible bristols and the hair comes out in one grab.
-- smileydudette, Apr 07 2003

Like any good husband, you'll buy a new hairbrush and hide it.
-- FloridaManatee, Apr 07 2003

hey gb2000, you can order a really cool retractable hairbrush here:
-- bubbleman, Jan 13 2004

... or you could just solve the problem at the source.

Wait until your wife is sleeping. Remove the hair from said brush and distribute it around her head on the pillow. Do this repeatedly for a few days. When she gets up the next morning, she will see the hair (again) and start to believe she's losing her hair. One of two things will probably happen. Either she will start using *only* her brush so she can monitor the hair loss; or she'll go to the Dr and seek professional help. Part of the "treatment" will probably be to use her own brush, in case it's contagious, to keep from introducing any more possible problems to the scalp, or as a precautionary measure.

As soon as she stops using your brush, stop distributing the hair. If it starts up again, start up the "process" again. Eventually, she will attribute her "loss of hair" to having something to do with your brush. :-)
-- DarkVengeance, Jan 13 2004

what [Helium] said. right idea, wrong solution.
-- neilp, Dec 21 2004

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