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A gentleman's top hat for the generation of electricity

The hat consists of a brim, firmly anchored to the wearer's head by chinstrap or other device, and a freely rotating upper cylinder, covered in long, nylon fur.

Concealed within the rotating cylindrical upper portion is a horizontally mounted Van de Graf generator, the belt of which is driven by the main rotating cylinder, but the whole of which is entirely free to rotate about a central vertical axis.

A weathervane responds to changes in wind direction and turns the Van de Graf generator to the appropriate orientation.

It may require the wearer to reach up and give the apparatus an initial rotation with a swipe of the hand, but once in motion, the workings are as follows:

Picture the wearer standing facing the wind, and hat turning clockwise.

The Van de Graff generator accumulates a charge of static electricity on the right half of the hat. As such, the fine fur covering this side repels itself and, standing proudly out from the surface, catches the wind. As it turns to the rear, the charge is retrieved by the belt and returned to the windward. The fur on the half above the left ear then hangs limpy and/or clings tightly to the hat's surface. Repeat.

As the hat now presents one hairy side and one flat, the wind applies a greater force to the hairy side, inducing rotation.

The cylinder drives a small internal permanent magnet generator, which charges the wearer's electromechanical pocket watch.
-- BunsenHoneydew, Aug 26 2009

I found him http://www.pazeinte...honeapps/woolywilly
rather handsome looking now [blissmiss, Aug 26 2009]

why do men have all the fun?
-- po, Aug 26 2009

-- kaz, Aug 26 2009

This brings to mind that old toy which had a mans face and a zillion teeny metal pieces. Kind of like a drawing, but you shook it, and magnets made the pieces stick to certain parts of the guys head and face. (hair, beard, etc.)

Oh heck, I'll try and find a link. But I think I get the visual, so have a bun while I go look.
-- blissmiss, Aug 26 2009

Imagine combing your hair after that!
-- phoenix, Aug 27 2009

And this year's Farmer John Memorial Prize goes to.. [+]
-- coprocephalous, Aug 27 2009

could power your wheeled shoes, for that matter
-- smendler, Aug 27 2009

Why thankyou [coprocephalous]. High praise indeed! I'm honoured.
-- BunsenHoneydew, Sep 01 2009

Yes...very fj-ish.
-- blissmiss, Sep 02 2009

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