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Chat with your half bakery pen pals via CGI chat scripts

There are many CGI chat scripts out there for free that the HalfBakery could incorporate into their website. This option will allow bakers to talk privately to other bakers and talk about their ideas. Users could also create chat rooms where multiple bakers can discuss their ideas in rear-realtime.

There should also be another option under "account" that would allow you to "List online users" so that you know who is online.

I don't believe this will disrupt the main focus of the site by having people just talk about their ideas and not post them. I believe this would help perhaps filter out some of the more "bad" ideas out there(would help me out alot!). Plus this option would allow more brainstorming and hence more creative ideas to be posted.

Just a thought...
-- v0rtexx, Dec 25 2003

HB-13 http://krelnik.home...om/half_faq.html#13
[sufc, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Emails a little slow and definately not real time. Limitations of email include:
- Not knowing whether or not the baker is online
- No room for group chatting. Email is based on one-to-one communication

I realize there are email groups out there that will email to all participating users, but email limitations still apply.

A CGI script built into the halfbakery will solve these limitations.

For example, see how long it is taking you to reply to my email that I just sent you.. :)
-- v0rtexx, Dec 25 2003

or go to my user page, find my email address and add it to your messenger list. Chat all day then if you like.
-- jonthegeologist, Dec 25 2003

Saying the same thing can be accomplished a different way doesn't invalidate the idea, and makes for rather irrelevant annotations.

The idea was to implement existing technology in the HB, to more easily facilitate communication. [v0rtexx] is aware that there are means to communicate outside the HB.
-- Baker^-1, Dec 25 2003

Ohhhh well... the idea is out there for Jutta if she so chooses. I would find it convenient and fun to have this option though and I would think many others would also.
-- v0rtexx, Dec 26 2003

This has been talked about before and it was pointed out that HB isn't a chatroom. I like it the way it is. There is overbaked which from what I've seen of it is full of swearing and taking the piss but it is a good laugh at times. Have a look at the link I've posted and don't get discouraged.

P.S. Jutta is a she (I Think).
-- sufc, Dec 26 2003

hah.. sorry jutta, thanks for the tip sufc :)
-- v0rtexx, Dec 26 2003

v0rtexx, after you've spent a while here you'll realise you don't really want to talk to most of us that much ;)
-- sambwiches, Dec 26 2003

The right way of doing that is to link from the other post to this one, so people can follow the link on their own time. Don't just annotate posts to make them "come to the front". Thanks!
-- jutta, Jul 13 2006

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