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Halfbakery: Alternative Forms
HalfBakery Closed Cycle Generator   (+8, -2)  [vote for, against]
In an enclosed space, in a nearby galaxy…

Power can be drawn off this generator at multiple points. It is, however, a net user of energy and is of novelty value only.

<<cycle initiates>> [dentworth] tosses a Living Hat into the air, which prompts [Guncrazy] to blast away at it with his SKS assault rifle. Overshooting bullets pierce one of the propulsive balloons on the Hullaballoon, causing pilot [bristolz] to jettison some ballast chillies. Raining jalapenos spotted by [Pericles] who runs forward to gather them, along a large rubber tube filled with custard…….

[Pericles]’ peristaltic pumping causes the yellow goo to flow along a hose, driving a small turbine which powers up a gang of Flocking Road Cones armed with Tazers. The cones push [stf3] along a see-saw, until it tips, pulling up a dividing wall which had been separating two cubicles containing [hazel] and [jonthegeologist]…..

Piezoelectric cells in their bedbase convert mechanical bonking energy into a current which powers up a small [thumbwax] TV Bible, tuned to Fox News, in a neighbouring cubicle occupied by [scout] and [bobad]…..

The right wing backslapping gets the boys excited and they leap up in a “Seig Heil” salute, breaking a photoelectric beam which unlocks [verdashi]’s keyboard…..

800 keystrkes into his idea, [verdashi] hits the period key for the first time, at which point [idischler], [worldengineer], [DrCurry] and [waugsqueke] let out a huge sigh of relief…

The wind from this trips a flap holding a Zorb ball containing [farmerjohn] and [jutta] which rolls downhill into [UnaBubba]’s Bakerworld….

[UnaBubba], pissed at the intrusion, fires his Condom Gun at the interlopers, which deflects the Zorb into a Bed of Nail Guns that trigger off, forming a shower of tinkling steel…..

An Acoustic Generator converts the sound of the falling nails into a small current which lights up a [2 fries shy of a happy meal] Pumpkameleon, waking up a nearby herd of Red Squirrels which get mad and drop their radishes into a bag held by [neilp] standing on a DeliWeigh….

The DeliWeigh rotating dial powers up [hippo]’s Cellphone Radio Telescope which, in reverse (transmission) mode, signals [DesertFox] in his Oblique Space Colony Near The Sun to tilt the giant structure slightly…..

blocking out just enough light from the Wallpaper Solar Panels powering the restraining bolts on [AfroAssault]’s cage to cause them to release…..

allowing him to ignite his stash of C4 in a giant cylinder which drives out a piston connected to a rubber Mickey Mouse hand which pokes [dentworth] causing her to toss a Living Hat in the air….
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 26 2004

Cog - the two-minute Honda Accord ad
As quicktime. [jutta, Nov 26 2004]

The making of "Cog". http://www.opinion....3/04/13/ixhome.html
No CG, no cuts. 606 maddening takes. [jutta, Nov 26 2004]

The way things go (1987)
Art film. Ancestor of "Cog". Lots and lots of cuts, long, still fun to watch. [jutta, Nov 26 2004]

I think C4 will ignite but wouldn't it work better if it were detonated?
-- bristolz, Nov 26 2004

Quite [bristolz], but we don't want to poke [dentworth] toooo's a very finely tuned engine.
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 26 2004

Ah so. Ever seen that British Honda commercial?
-- bristolz, Nov 26 2004

Yeah, love it, but I can't get the real story on whether it was a single run through, or a series of actions filmed on a smaller stage and spliced, or a combination of real motion and CG?
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 26 2004

made in two sections if memory serves me right
-- po, Nov 26 2004

aww po you've spoiled it for me now. but its you so thats ok.
-- etherman, Nov 26 2004

[looks at hat] You've blasted a hole the size of the Holland tunnel, how am I supposed to throw this up twice?
-- dentworth, Nov 26 2004

I'm counting on [Guncrazy]'s marksmanship not being all that flash. Otherwise, the generator will require a supply of Living Hats, as well as nails, condoms, C4 and custard. It may get too complicated to run...
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 26 2004

//[scout]…right wing backslapping//

Hmm, interesting! What you take to be right wing ranting, I take to be irony and sarcasm. Who is right, I wonder?

+ for entertainment value. - for cheap shot. Overall fishcake ;0)
-- DrBob, Nov 26 2004

I'll get on with the production right away!

agree [DrBob], don't think [scout] will approve his reference.
-- dentworth, Nov 26 2004

I never liked custard, but Jalapeños I love. [+]
-- Pericles, Nov 28 2004

Hmmm, jalapeno custard.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 28 2004

...and if [johnthegeologist] uses some weird horizontal drill technique...
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 29 2004

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