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inventions from halfbakery leaked to WikiLeaks

A software agent that would crawl the Halfbakery site and automatically translate the best inventions there into fictional but official-sounding cables between world embassies, which would then be "leaked" to WikiLeaks. Example: Dear X, It has come to our attention that the intelligence agency of XXX has been working on a Vuvuzela that could double as a telescope, greatly increasing their surveillance capabilities. (See: Vuvuzela-scope). This must be stopped. Sincerely, Assistant to the XXX of XXX.
-- sqeaketh the wheel, Dec 13 2010

But who would believe it (apart from Americans, obviously) ?
-- 8th of 7, Dec 13 2010

I don't doubt white papers on this very subject are even now being drafted by more than one intelligence service. The most effective way to hide information being to drown it in noise.

Which [8th], is why your question is noncupatory.
-- mouseposture, Dec 13 2010

Absolutely love the title. +
-- blissmiss, Dec 13 2010

I actually think the writers for The Simpsons use this site! I have seen / heard so many things that are SO close to things I've see / heard here- but much earlier here. (I always check the date of The Simpsons' episode.)
-- xandram, Dec 14 2010

I wonder how many dictators browse this site for ideas. I'm sure Kim Jong-il is building a Museum of Lyrical Apparatus at this very moment.
-- marklar, Dec 15 2010

Like it, but not if it means we all end up getting extradited to Sweden!
-- zen_tom, Dec 15 2010

Sweden's not so bad ...
-- 8th of 7, Dec 15 2010

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