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a HB Persona for Firefox 4.0

Create a "Persona" (background design) for Firefox 4.0 with the HB bun logo. I would replace my Flying Spaghetti Monster Firefox Persona with that.
-- sqeaketh the wheel, Mar 24 2011

Fishbone Magnet [pashute, Mar 24 2011]

[+] cute- could have half a fox eating half a bun!
-- xandram, Mar 24 2011

[+] Use the Fishbone Magnet to keep the fox out of danger.

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And, in both culture:halfbakery and halfbakery:culture "She who posts half, lasts after" or "He who half passed, pastes later", "it that elf bakes, shouldn't alf pastry"
-- pashute, Mar 24 2011

Thought I was in mostly lame halfbakery taglines or whatever it was called for a second there.
-- rcarty, Mar 25 2011

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