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What's the idea today?

Take one random idea from the hb on a daily basis. Slap the idea onto milk cartons and distribute them to the masses through supermarkets.

Should be good reading at the breakfast table whilst trying to assemble the [cat ejection pack] that fell out of the halfbaked cereal packet in a small plastic bag containing thirty small pieces of plastic inter-snapping "click together" shapes and pipes.

Forbid the day when [Insult tennis] or [Disco dildo]is printed at random.
-- skinflaps, Mar 05 2004

Cereal: Croissantios.
-- bristolz, Mar 05 2004

I know..left that bit out.(jam, that is.Blissmiss deleted her account again)
-- skinflaps, Mar 05 2004

nice idea i might make me go and buy milk instead of only using it at work
-- engineer1, Mar 05 2004

Those cartons with "Alcoholic milk" in large letters on the side are just flying off the shelves...

...unlike the ones which say "HumanButter"
-- hippo, Mar 05 2004

bristolz: looks like a self-referential Halfbakery idea to me.
-- DrCurry, Mar 05 2004

"The breakfast of moderators"
-- FarmerJohn, Mar 05 2004

+ " No children were lost in the making of this idea."
-- xandram, Jun 27 2006

As long as there's a picture of some Happy Cows on the carton somewhere ;)
-- moomintroll, Jun 27 2006

...in a trebuchet.
-- wagster, Jun 27 2006

sp: gonflable trebuchet.
-- skinflaps, Jun 27 2006

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