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See Who Has The Better Country

I was reading the "Halfbaker Relocation Objective" idea and one annotation asked whether there were more halfbakers in the USA or the UK. Well I thuoght about it and I decided that I would like to find out.

Could anyone who is willing to annotate with the country that they live in and see where most of the halfbakers come from.

This isn't so much an idea, as to settle curiosity. I wonder whether or not it could be a wildcard, possibly Australia or Canada or another lesser-considered country.

I realise this is lets-all, list, non-invention and any other MFD's to be brought up. It's just to find an answer and if anyone gets too offended, I will simply delete this.
-- hidden truths, May 11 2005

Through The Keyhole http://www.offthete.../throughkeyhole.htm
"Here's. Whose house.

It is." [calum, May 12 2005]

(?) Madradish's HB Map http://www.geocitie...adradish/halfb.html
Click on 'View my Map' in the top left corner [gnomethang, May 12 2005]

(?) I live here http://www.allthego...33.8906&long=151.21
as [JTG] said,I'm in Sydney.. here's some photos on a site a friend of mine put together [neilp, May 18 2005]

shivers down spine...
[po, May 18 2005]

(?) halfbaker homes II
a space age list of halfbakers homes, for google maps/google earth/anything else [neilp, Jul 28 2005]

(?) (off topic) Keyhole 2
For [jurist] [Worldgineer, Jul 29 2005]

Wales, UK.
-- hidden truths, May 11 2005

Seattle area, US

Jutta's in the Oakland, CA area.
-- bristolz, May 12 2005

Houston Area, US
-- Zimmy, May 12 2005

I think this one calls for a Google Map

-- theircompetitor, May 12 2005

Do you want where we are originally from, or just where we live?
-- waugsqueke, May 12 2005

List, CA.
-- DrCurry, May 12 2005

Yes, I think he's series. Series of what, I don't know, but he's probably series.


You live in Seattle, bris?
-- DesertFox, May 12 2005

Is it time for a new [madradish] map?
-- Shz, May 12 2005

I think someone made a website for bakers where you could 'pin' your location in the world.
-- xaviergisz, May 12 2005

That was [madradish].
-- Shz, May 12 2005

B.C.Canada. Noo doot aboot it eh.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, May 12 2005

Glasgow, Scotland, along with [salachair] and the mighty [Jinbish]. And [Guy Fox] lives here, n'all, apparently.

I thought that this would be a television series, along the lines of Through the Keyhole, wherein viewers had to guess which halfbaker a house belongs to, from a series of clues. "Let's take a look at the evidence: the exploded couch, the exploded condom, the exploded cell phone. Who lives in a house like this?"
-- calum, May 12 2005

Wellington, New Zealand.
-- Adze, May 12 2005

//What's the difference between a duck?//

One of its legs is both the same.
-- salachair, May 12 2005

Stockholm, Sweden.
-- FarmerJohn, May 12 2005

North Carolina, US
-- ato_de, May 12 2005

Bristol, UK ... along with [hazel] and [david_scothern]. Although not in the same house - that would be odd.
-- jonthegeologist, May 12 2005

Berkshire, England
-- coprocephalous, May 12 2005

Nowt odd about sharing a house with a halfbaker, [jtg]; it works fine for [calum] and me. And [Jinbish] used to live with us, too! Though, admittedly, that *was* an odd period in our lives.
-- salachair, May 12 2005

Hartford CT area, US, along with blissmiss. In the same house, and nothing odd about it.
-- waugsqueke, May 12 2005

Surbiton (yes, it really exists!) England. Not currently co-habiting with any other HBers (that I'm aware of).
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 12 2005

[salachair] that *was* and odd time wasn't it! Given that Bristol ain't that big, it's rather odd that I've not even met [david_s]. I guess for this reason alone it would be odd for us all to live together.

Cohabiting halfbakers - I know there's a few around.
-- jonthegeologist, May 12 2005

Oddly, neither Dorset nor Paris (France). But in the UK, most definitely.
-- TolpuddleSartre, May 12 2005

Boston area, NEW England.
-- Shz, May 12 2005

Holmes: It looks like an open and shut case, Watson.
Watson: Remarkable Holmes! How can you have reached a conclusion so quickly…you haven’t even examined the body properly yet?
Holmes: Well quite apart from the obvious clues that the body was left at the foot of a large windmill, was draped in large quantities of cheap, gold jewellery and dressed as a pirate can you not smell the distinctive odour of cream cheese? There is only one group of people who could be responsible for this heinous crime. Can't you guess who they are Watson?
Watson: Why, of course! Halfbakers Holmes!
-- DrBob, May 12 2005

The map was named something like Susen's Mad Cupcakes, or something. It originated as an idea to see if there was some sort of pattern, (like the cornfield, alien stuff), when you plotted out where everyone lived.

It probably got squished in the great crash, but I believe it was revived by ms. radish, on Ingly, at some point in time.

(Terribly nosy about Salachair, and the duo of dudes era. Sounds titilating.)

From the photos Helium once sent me, I would say New Zealand would be at the top of the list of best places to live. (uhm, other than the Hartford, CT. area with another baker, naturally.)
-- blissmiss, May 12 2005

ah, holmes sweet holmes.
-- po, May 12 2005

metropolitan Washington D.C. area

[contracts] also is here

and HERE is where THEY live, you know who.
-- dentworth, May 12 2005

Titilating? I'm afraid not. [calum] is my brother, [blissmiss], and we share the same duplicitous, money-hungry landlord. This arrangement works pretty well and we get along swimmingly (by which I mean that [calum] knows who's boss. (That's me, by the way, just in case there was any uncertainty.))

[Jinbish] came to live with us for a while a few years ago. His favourite passtime was fiddling with the electrics and nearly blowing us all up.
-- salachair, May 12 2005

Leicester, UK
-- nineteenthly, May 12 2005

New York City, US
-- phundug, May 12 2005

[UnaBubba], The summary was just something I put in as a joke. This was just to satisfy my curiosity. I wasn't suggesting that halfbakers make a country better. In all odds, the inverse is true as we are curently spending our free time on this website instead of trying to make our nations better.
-- hidden truths, May 12 2005

Wales, UK - until such time as I can escape
-- fridge duck, May 12 2005

Well most of the time I'm either in Abuja, Nigeria or Kiev, Ukraine but right now I'm in Montreal, Canada.
-- maximus5, May 12 2005

But, it makes my mind better... and my mind is necessary for my role in society, sooo....

Arkansas, USA.
-- daseva, May 12 2005

Rochester, Kent, UK - You know, the *first* Rochester?
Check link for [madradish]'s HB Map
-- gnomethang, May 12 2005

[gnomethang] What, even before Jack Benny's butler?
-- TolpuddleSartre, May 12 2005

//and HERE is where THEY live, you know who.//

When WE moved from D.C., WE took some of THEM with US. THEY number less THERE now, but THEY are spreading and multiplying.
-- Shz, May 12 2005

Are THEY multiplying by dividing?
-- FarmerJohn, May 12 2005

Indeed – at the cellular level.
-- Shz, May 12 2005

Seattle, WA, US, Earth

Not sure why we're doing this when there's a perfectly good mapping tool.
-- Worldgineer, May 12 2005

Hamilton, Bermuda, which has a known Halfbaker population density of roughly 0.05 per square mile.
-- zen_tom, May 12 2005

Work: South-of-Market, San Francisco, CA. Live: San Rafael, CA
-- csea, May 12 2005

Edinburgh, UK. It's looking like the Brits are outnumbered.
-- moomintroll, May 12 2005

US - St. Paul, Minnesota don't cha' know!
-- Mauve Herring, May 12 2005

In a fish tank, (honestly) London.The one with the tall clocktower and furry headed soldiers.
-- skinflaps, May 12 2005

San Diego area, Southern California, United States of Amusement, third rock from the sun.

[Worldgineer] A mapping tool that's both good and perfectly ? Kind of a dual state kind of thing ? As an addict of the printed word, I appreciate lists, but as a statistaholic, I like maps as well.
-- normzone, May 12 2005

Louisiana, USA
-- Soterios, May 12 2005

[skinflaps] I don't know any fishtanks with furry-headed soldiers and clocktowers.
-- TolpuddleSartre, May 12 2005

Dundee, Scotland.
-- lostdog, May 12 2005

[lostdog] You have my sympathy (and I don't give that away willy-nilly)
-- coprocephalous, May 12 2005

ack, Makes sense now...the other halfbaker from this house and I, are headed to ack, next week, for a vacation. YIPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE!. Only another acker would know why ack is a magical name.

Oh and sala, damn, ya let me down. Here I had conjured up all these sordid lifestyle tidbits, and now, well now they're nothing more than another episode of The Jerry Springer Show.
-- blissmiss, May 12 2005

[Absinth] I thought you were in Australia, how did I get that? so you must have thought I was nuts when I asked how was the weather dane undah.?

Consulflaminicus is in Melbourne I think... is that right UB?
-- dentworth, May 12 2005

On the sofa, East Dulwich, London (the Skinflaps sort).


//Only another acker would know why ack is a magical name//

-- wagster, May 12 2005

I'm in London, UK, too.

[skinflaps] - I know the building with the famous tall clock tower, and the one with the boys with big furry hats, but one is on Parliament Square, and the other is at the end of The Mall. Don't tell me you live in Buck House with Brenda and Keith ?
-- Katisha, May 12 2005

I actually quite like Dundee, shi... sorry, coprocephalous. Although I do see your point. In the main, Gerry Sadowitz was right when he said, "what do you get if you pour boiling water on someone from Dundee? A new flavour of Pot Noodle."
-- lostdog, May 12 2005

//[gnomethang] What, even before Jack Benny's butler? TolpuddleSartre, May 12 2005 //
-- gnomethang, May 12 2005

wag, if I told you what the magic was, it would disappear, and be just another locale. Maybe someday.

ack, though we vacation in mid-spring to ack, we also vacation to Salem, every fall, that we can. (What is that hellish city one must pass through, to get to Salem? The one right after bunghole liquour. The original bunghole. Lynn? The very worst roadway system known to man.)
-- blissmiss, May 13 2005

and feels sour?
-- Zimmy, May 13 2005

Los Angeles, California, USA.
-- Machiavelli, May 13 2005

... and [neilp] is in Sydney too.
-- jonthegeologist, May 13 2005

Japan at the moment, but from UK.

Aside- searching HB gives color 1162 mtches and colour 725 (though burglarize 0, and burgle 3).
-- goatfaceKilla, May 13 2005

Well, [UB], the answer to the duck thing in Scotland is as per my earlier anno.

However the Aussie version is as pleasingly meaningless as our own.
-- salachair, May 13 2005

Illinois, USofA. I spotted [k_sra] on the freeway in Chicago about a year ago.
-- Laughs Last, May 13 2005

-- Mr Burns, May 13 2005

Perth, as [UB] mentioned. The most isolated city in the world in terms of distance from other nominal cities.

I wish I was living in Sydney again.
-- Detly, May 13 2005

Mr. Burns, I thought, for some reason, it was Detroit. You aren't in Springfield, Il are you? If you are run, run, run as fast as you can to anywhere else. The water system is poisonied there, and makes one go mad.
-- blissmiss, May 13 2005

//Springfield// I think about half the US states may have a Springfield.
-- Zimmy, May 13 2005

\\It was one of those times when a joke is taken seriously, to take the piss out of the teller\\. Owch, rapier-like wit slice. Ironically, until now I always assumed that to "take the piss" was a British saying.
-- hidden truths, May 13 2005

I'm from Octantus Cavi. Any other half-bakers out there in my neighborhood?
-- millionthMonkeyTyping, May 13 2005

[madradish]'s map doesn't work for me. I accidentally stuck one in Mexico, deleted it, tried to pin another one on San Diego twice and it wouldn't rock it.

Anyway, I'm in San Diego, CA, US. Soon to be San Antonio, TX, US and then Pensacola, FL, US after that.
-- disbomber, May 13 2005

Chicago-Land, IL - USA (pronounce it "OOH-sah" :)

<waves to [Laughs Last]> I didn't know I had a neighbor. On the cupcake map, I was all alone on my spot.
-- XSarenkaX, May 13 2005

// Illinois, USofA. I spotted [k_sra] on the freeway in Chicago about a year ago.

Laughs Last, May 13 2005//
Was she in a car or streaking on a bridge with a 'Go Bears!!' placard?. Enquiring minds want to know!.
-- gnomethang, May 13 2005

[disbomber], contact me. We'll have a So Cal 'bakers meet. There's some others local as well.
-- normzone, May 13 2005

XSX, should be Mrs. XSX now. (missed ya)!
-- blissmiss, May 14 2005

senatorjam.. Kingston... Jamaica
-- senatorjam, May 14 2005

I'm in deepest, darkest Berkshire, on top of the largest hill there is in this terrible and lighting filled county.
On top of this hill sits my castle, with several lightning rods protruding.
Please be casreful of the bio- genetic monsters as you come in and do leave your shoes by the door.
-- kaz, May 14 2005

\\though burglarize 0, and burgle 3\\
But there are 9 results for burlarized.
-- hidden truths, May 15 2005

Ban Chang, about 40kms from Pattaya, Thailand - land of smiles.
-- Ling, May 16 2005

Right next door to Bliss and Waugs.
-- sartep, May 16 2005

Goonies never say die!

Astoria, Oregon
-- Cracked, May 16 2005

Living in PXAZ by 2 other bakers.
-- AfroAssault, May 16 2005

Edinburgh, Scotland
-- MikeOliver, May 16 2005

[salachair]: Just what do you mean *odd*?
<squints eyes>
-- Jinbish, May 16 2005

//XSX, should be Mrs. XSX now.//

Yes, I am a Mrs. now (got married in Jamaica). Has it really been that long, Bliss? Are you Bliss-Mrs. now?? I'd wondered how you've been.
-- XSarenkaX, May 16 2005

Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
-- krelnik, May 16 2005

I like cupcakes.
-- Detly, May 16 2005

Elora, Ontario, Canada.

zen tom---I have fond memories of the large toads, and a burn scar on my calf from the moped tailpipe. Great country, yours.
-- lintkeeper2, May 17 2005

I lived THERE with [dentworth] in Virginia... though, not in the same house. The vicinity of THERE.
-- ghillie, May 17 2005

Spokane, Wa, USA.

(city motto: really, it's not as bad as you'd think. Heck, we even have a gay mayor, just like San Francisco (my hometown), except he had to be outed by a questionable 2 year investigation into 25 year old charges of pedophilia, and oh yeah, he's a hardcore anti-gay Republican. The fun never stops. You can read all about it in the local Spokesman Review. [google: Jim West mayor spokane wa])

(recently of Oakland, CA)
-- oxen crossing, May 17 2005

Usually Hampshire, England

Next week I'm hoping to find "(honestly) London".
-- DenholmRicshaw, May 17 2005

//Spokane, Wa, USA. //
Where abouts? I lived in Veradale for a month and spent a lot of time skating downtown.
-- AfroAssault, May 18 2005

[UB] Wacky yes, but it tells you all you need to know about politicians.
-- coprocephalous, May 18 2005

it is a shame we haven't got an up to date map.. anyone care to put together a google map ?
-- neilp, May 18 2005

[AA], on the South Hill, near Perry and 18th, if you know the area. We actually love it. It's like the North Berkeley hills, really.
-- oxen crossing, May 18 2005

[UB], the man was caught red handed cruising gay chat rooms for sex while at work (and worse), and giving city jobs to men in exchange for dates. He's a real piece of work. For 25 years he's been one of the most anti-gay ultra conservative Republicans in the state legislature, before he was our mayor.
-- oxen crossing, May 18 2005

//the man was caught red handed cruising gay chat rooms// Unfortunate turn of phrase there, [oc]!
-- coprocephalous, May 18 2005

[neilp] Click the second link. It's no Google map, but it works (click the arrow in the top left corner to see more locations).
-- Worldgineer, May 18 2005

Hyde, UK. Home of mad doctors.
-- oneoffdave, May 18 2005

[ack] No, Shipman-ing.
-- TolpuddleSartre, May 18 2005

linky for the rest of the world!
-- po, May 18 2005

[world] I've added me about 4 times to mad's map, and it just doesn't seem to work.
-- neilp, May 20 2005

It's odd how some people just never recognize rejection.
-- bristolz, May 20 2005

"It's not me.. it's you"..
-- neilp, May 20 2005

Darlington, UK. Near the top of the English bit. Go north through Yorkshire then stop. Not another halfbaker for miles and miles. (But I might be in London soon, just visiting.)
-- angel, May 20 2005

[angel] So you are, in a most literal sense, [angel] of the North?
-- coprocephalous, May 20 2005

Yeah, about 35 miles south of the offending structure. I've seen it in the flesh (actually in the rusty metal) twice. It didn't get any better the second time. My home town has a train made of bricks, which is, at least, smaller.
-- angel, May 20 2005

[neil] You're there. The little mouse in southeast Australia one map back. If you're trying to add another point, maybe use a different name or e-mail address.
-- Worldgineer, May 20 2005

I'm going to Sydney for a few days in September. If anyone over there wants to witness just how normal I really am, let me know. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, pub, coffee, bird watching, cemetary, Bragg Institute - whatever you like.

(That last post of mine... was I drunk...?)
-- Detly, Jul 19 2005

Leicester, UK
-- Minimal, Jul 19 2005

Leicester, UK! Do i know you, [Minimal]?
-- nineteenthly, Jul 19 2005

Virginia, USA
-- Vernon, Jul 19 2005

I am from America--far from America, right now. I'm in Aceh Province, Sumatra, Indonesia, for the rest of the year. I just spent a few months in Washington, DC, near DuPont Circle, but for the last few years it's been Springfield, Missouri.
-- baconbrain, Jul 20 2005

How should I know, [nineteenthly]? You could be my dad for all I know!!
-- Minimal, Jul 20 2005

Aceh? What you doing out there, [baconbrain]?
-- moomintroll, Jul 20 2005

baconbrain, I lived in Cape Girardeau for a year or two. Missouri is a beautiful state. 'Specially the southern portion. The Ozarks are amazing. The place with all the caves is neat too. Can't recall the name.
-- blissmiss, Jul 20 2005

//Leicester, UK! Do i know you, [Minimal]?//
//How should I know, [nineteenthly]? You could be my dad for all I know!!//
Heh Heh Heh, are you sure you don't mean Manchester, KY, USA?
-- Zimmy, Jul 21 2005

Wimbledon, UK

How many halfbakers are there, anyway.

Someone should make a colour coordinated table and display it somewhere.
-- dbmag9, Jul 23 2005

dbm, we have a map here somewhere.

btw, I'm not very far from you. how scary is that?
-- po, Jul 23 2005

The third link on this page is the [madradish] Halfbakery map.
-- hidden truths, Jul 24 2005

if anyone fancies it, I've put together a little list of halfbakers homes, so that they can be added to google maps / earth / anywhere else we like, based on latitude and longitude (see link).
-- neilp, Jul 28 2005

neil, I put us on there but it ended up marking us as being somewhere in Antarctica. You indicated not to use spaces, but you used a space in your example (lat, long). So I did that ... is that where it went screwy?
-- waugsqueke, Jul 28 2005

yeah, it went a bit crazy.. I've fixed it now.. and put each of you in separate marks because it links into profiles now. We've got 12 bakers now.. nice.
-- neilp, Jul 28 2005

I've fixed the google earth link so it's a network layer now, and dynamically updates when new people get added.
-- neilp, Jul 29 2005

Really nice work, neil. I highly recommend everyone get Google Earth and load the file [neilp]'s linked to on his page.
-- Worldgineer, Jul 29 2005

Unfortunately, you need not bother trying to download GoogleEarth if your system does not run Windows 2000 or XP and have at least 512MB RAM. It will not run on Windows ME, for example.
-- jurist, Jul 29 2005

See my link. Other windows systems can use Keyhole 2 (haven't played with it myself, but it should be similar).
-- Worldgineer, Jul 29 2005

That's incredible [neilp] - Great job!
-- zen_tom, Jul 29 2005

how do you load the file into google earth?

world, so glad...
-- po, Jul 29 2005

Save the file from [neil]'s site somewhere (make sure it's name ends in .kml), find it, and double-click it.
-- Worldgineer, Jul 29 2005

That didn't work for me. I had to add it as a network link.

Ran it as a tour. Quite cool. Well done, neil.
-- waugsqueke, Jul 29 2005

Vancouver, Canada (though I haven't posted here in quite a while so most of you wouldn't care who or where I was).

BTW, when you put a "pin" on Madradish's map, DON'T USE AN EMAIL ADDRESS YOU'RE FOND OF. The submission form is immediately followed by a spam-related message: "Select your interests to receive free information on: Developers, Wireless/Cell Phones, Free Stuff, Digital Cameras"... (That's the motivation behind most of these free online services.)
-- Ander, May 28 2007

Probably UK.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, May 28 2007

[Ander], I doubt that the author of Serious Putty could ever go unrecognised in this crowd. And some variation of the Self Powered Health Club turns up every month or so.
-- hidden truths, May 28 2007

Oklahoma, USA. Any other Okies around here?
-- jaksplat, May 29 2007

NY, U$A, so of course *you* have the better country.
-- nuclear hobo, May 29 2007

London, UK. Norf of the river mind.
-- theleopard, May 29 2007

<waves to [Ander] from the East Coast of USA> I hope you are considering the WestCoast Con!
-- xandram, May 29 2007

From Stourbridge (West Mids) UK, living in Dubai, UAE (Middle East).
-- marklar, May 29 2007

Regensburg, Bavaria.
-- squeak, May 29 2007

From Tring (Herts), UK; living in Christchurch, New Zealand.
-- imaginality, May 29 2007

Griffith, IN. Just SE of Chicago. Used to be Seattle (as shown by [madradish]'s map, but it won't let me move/stick a new pin in ).
-- PollyNo9, May 30 2007

Vancouver, Canada

Just to rub it in: Vancouver has been rated one of the the world's best places to live quite a few times (EIU).


Kind of ironic that I was born in Port Moresby, consistently rated one of the worst.
-- TIB, May 30 2007

By the way. People can feel free to continue to add locations here, but [neilp]'s google map thingy is a far more elegant tool for baker plotting.
-- hidden truths, May 31 2007

neilp's thing has died on me...

-- po, May 31 2007

[neilp]'s site seems to experience a large amount of downtime. Try it again later.
-- hidden truths, Jun 01 2007

Cambridge, ON. Shoundn't there be a HB-only lock on this? In case jealous people try to bomb us? With our own ideas? And these annoying question marks? And[BEEP] [BEEP] [BEEP].... oh boy. RUN!
-- Shadow Phoenix, Nov 21 2007

Melbourne Australia
-- simonj, Nov 21 2007

How did I miss this one?

Oxford, Michigan.
-- RayfordSteele, Nov 16 2020

Our nation's capitol (area).
-- whatrock, Mar 08 2022

-- ixnaum, Mar 08 2022

^ Been there, heard it was odd.
-- whatrock, Mar 08 2022

The third arm
-- Voice, Mar 09 2022

looks like I voted but did not comment. Me for over 40 years on the Massachusetts/ New Hampshire border.
-- xandram, Mar 09 2022

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