Halfbakery: Voting
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You've Got Dough!

A Halfbaker could pay another Halfbaker for products & services rendered by agreement & documentation in annotations (honor system). Payment would be rendered by the Payor voting for Payee's previous ideas or neutralizing Payor's previous votes against Payee's ideas.

You could offer a payment for work, such as searching for an idea having already been baked or finding relevant links. The drudgery of finding a category. Some Halfbakers are great potential providers.

A Halfbaker could buy an idea from a Halfbaker Fountainhead by making an offer in an annotation. The Ideator would paste the idea into an annotation and then the idea recipient would copy & paste it into his own account. 'Hey [Punk], that was some of my best work.  It's gonna cost ya 5 buns.  Pay up or my people will come after yer ideas with the Bone Machine.'

A Halfbaker could bribe another to willfully recant a negative annotation or encourage positive annotations. 'Hey! Anyone likes dis idea's gonna find some happy buns on their boned idea list, if you get my meaning'.

The Thoughtful Anonymous Tip: 'That annotation was so great. What a sweetheart this annotator is.' (anonymously buns a past idea of the annotator's). Or the tip could be announced in the current idea annotations and/or in the past idea. 'Hey [sweetheart], I just bunned Forehead Suctioncup Advertising for ya!'

Good Fairy: Goes around bunning old ideas of 'good' Halfbakers while they sleep. 'Wow, this morning my idea list seem-better liked than they seemed yesterday.' ('Halfbaked Faries' idea already in bakery)

For those who prefer the widely-known- to-be-inferior system of negative feedback, 'ye ungiven bones be ye whips, me Hardies!'
-- Mustardface, Apr 25 2010

My ungiven bone? Hardly. (-)

I vote against voting being being made any more of a popularity-contest than it already is.
-- afinehowdoyoudo, Apr 25 2010

Not everyone believes in negative votes on here, you know.
-- nineteenthly, Apr 25 2010

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