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Did it really take us *this* long to come up with this?

Self explanatory. I would like a place to discuss ideas without them becoming ideas... might be redundant... kind of for hiding the fact that its an idea and just to discuss an idea.
-- EvilPickels, Nov 09 2009

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Here you go. Log in at wordpress.com - username: evilpickels, password is the same as your username for now, go to the dashboard and change it. [tatterdemalion, Nov 09 2009]

wot, so people could tell you your idea's redundant before you post it ? <hint> :D
-- FlyingToaster, Nov 09 2009

<hint> Use "HB" in your search instead of "Halfbakery".
<insert appropriate smiley here>
-- Jinbish, Nov 09 2009

What's wrong with them becoming ideas?
-- bungston, Nov 11 2009

what's wrong with what becoming ideas ?
-- FlyingToaster, Nov 11 2009

Only if they'd been suitably invited first...

(Yes that is a hint for an invitation)

(No, it's not a serious statement of intent)

(That being said, it might be quite good)

(Not that I'd know, I can't even get into Google Wave, on account of not having been invited by anyone yet...)
-- zen_tom, Nov 11 2009

Respiratory pigments and pencils, [Jinbish].
-- nineteenthly, Nov 11 2009

[zen_tom], whatever Google Wave is, it's probably rubbish as no one has invited me either.
-- theleopard, Nov 11 2009

I really need something like Google Wave right now. Google Docs is somewhat similar. Right now, my problem is getting others to get what either's about.
-- nineteenthly, Nov 11 2009

my elf has not explained this to me :(
-- xandram, Nov 12 2009


Perhaps this idea should be debated in a separate forum before being posted ?

-- 8th of 7, Nov 12 2009

Maybe, or it could just be deja vu.

Perhaps deja vu should be debated in a separate forum before being posted ?
-- 8th of 7, Nov 12 2009

Ah, I've been busy (busy doing nothing) and never got around to reading the comments for this. Very funny comments gais!

Whats this Word Press thing?
-- EvilPickels, Dec 02 2009

It's the Halfbakery Forum you wanted. You need to log in there and change the password - I can't believe no one has hijacked it yet.
-- tatterdemalion, Dec 02 2009

If those above are serious about wanting a Google Wave invite, just let me know and I'd be harpy to "nominate" you.
-- swimswim, Dec 03 2009

Thanks guys for not hijacking it! I thought you wrote "your password is your current password for the HalfBakery", which is why I put off changing the password. I thought: "What? Jutta has administrators now? When did that happen?"
-- EvilPickels, Dec 04 2009

OK, why not start a Google Wave to take up all the old and recent interest in exploi-- I mean sharing the vast knowledge among halfbakers. Some one on the inside start one, and invite everyone they can find to join (click user names to find emails, lots of us have them listed).

Just sayin.
-- oxen crossing, Dec 13 2009

I thought that addiction was a problem here. Why feed it?
-- outloud, Dec 13 2009

Q. how do I justify building a moat around the house?
-- FlyingToaster, Dec 13 2009

//Q. how do I justify building a moat around the house?//

Moat's are automatically self-justifying; building it is justification enough. "Hey, they've got a moat. They must have needed one."
-- oxen crossing, Dec 17 2009

Like the folks that suddenly buy a goat. "Look, they have a goat.They must need one".
-- blissmiss, Dec 17 2009

Hmmm, they have a rat's ass, someone must have given one.
-- zen_tom, Dec 18 2009

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