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Use IRC for realtime discussions

Maybe the channel already exists (didn't find it yet.) but I think it would be nice to open a IRC channel dedicated to Halfbakery.com, realtime chat, discuss situations, ask questions or just chat.

update; I opened my own ;P server: irc.worldonline.nl channel: #halfbakery

chitchat ;P
-- enveekaa, Sep 02 2000

Halfbakery IRC irc://irc.freenode.net/#halfbakery
The Halfbakery IRC channel. [dbmag9, Aug 29 2006]

Hey, does this IRC server and #halfbakery channel still exist?
-- dgeiser13, Sep 25 2000

Yes, dgeiser13.

irc.worldonline.nl or when server refuses try irc.worldonline.be (both on port 6667)

channel: #halfbakery

(closed 10/sep/2001, no users.. but me.. hehe!)
-- enveekaa, Sep 25 2000, last modified Sep 10 2001

Does anyone want this to be done again?

EDIT: Set up a halfbakery channel: irc.freenode.net/#halfbakery.
-- dbmag9, Aug 29 2006

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