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I want a croissant on my task bar.

I spend so much time logging on and off to my gmail acount and to HB. I have a customised quick launch button for my gmail, I'd love a croissant logo quick launch for the bakery.
-- etherman, Dec 01 2004

Rough and ready HB icon download http://www.geocitie.../other/hb_icon.html
I used Animagic to make transparent background, then "Any to Icon" to change the HB gif file to an Icon. [Ling, Dec 02 2004]

It's really easy to make one.
-- -----, Dec 02 2004

Thank you <Ling>. Thanks for the joint baking and improving my shoddy pc knowledge. Would still like to see this as a single download from the Bakery on the homepage.
-- etherman, Dec 02 2004

Zip file's empty.
-- waugsqueke, Dec 02 2004

No its not its got the croissant and plate logo in an .ico (icon) file. Make sure your in 'all files' when trying to find it.
-- etherman, Dec 02 2004

And having solved this, we can concentrate on the Halfbakery quick lunch.
-- hippo, Dec 02 2004

Topped with a big fat cream cheese ring.
-- bristolz, Dec 02 2004

I'll have mine baked. Thank you. Hold the sardines.
-- Worldgineer, Dec 02 2004

So does everyone have one of these now... can I delete it?
-- etherman, Mar 14 2005

Not yet please [etherman]. In fact I'd leave it up here in case anyone suggests this in the future.
-- wagster, Mar 14 2005

No probs <wags>.
-- etherman, Mar 14 2005

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