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Essentially self-explanitory. Archive the contents of the HalfBakery every year or two to various media (perhaps in different languages). Lock contents in suitable container with instructions on how to utilize media that is not human readable. Bury container in remote location. Ideally, HalfBakers from different countries will take turns (gotta spread the wealth) hiding the cache.

Our decendents will get a good laugh out of how clever we (thought we) were.
Maybe someone will finally figure out what [Vernon] is on about.

(12/10/01: Tweaked to soothe [waugsqueke]'s inner pedant)
-- phoenix, Dec 08 2001

Doing my part to promote the survival of the species. http://britneyspear.../pn/sometimes06.jpg
As per [pottedstu]'s note. [angel, Dec 10 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

I weep for the furniture of the human race
-- po, Dec 08 2001

I'll weep for food.
-- bristolz, Dec 08 2001

Pertinent Oak:Whilst having little or no idea what a "cerebral difference" is (brain surgery?), despite acknowledging my innate genius and the endless delights of Miss Lewis's shoes, I think any communication medium that takes into account a signal-to-noise ratio would find more success with archiving www.divastarz.com. In any case, I plan to make my future annotations even more boring in order to ensure the coming generations use their limited disk resources for videos of Britney Spears nipples and other media that might promote the survival of the species. On the other hand, maybe decadence and pointlessness could be our legacy to the coming generations. Nope, that's what our parents did. Sigh.
-- pottedstu, Dec 10 2001

You first.
-- PotatoStew, Dec 10 2001

I'll do it. What the heck. Can I have earmuffs? I must have earmuffs.
-- bristolz, Dec 10 2001

waug: If you're in there with bris, do you really need the calendar?
-- PotatoStew, Dec 11 2001

Let's throw in a t-shirt while we're at it.

Oh, and a biscuit and a fishbone so they know what we're going on about.
-- phoenix, Dec 11 2001

Hey! There's paper in there!
-- phoenix, Dec 12 2001

-- bristolz, Dec 12 2001

Er, in the time capsule, not you [bristolz].
-- phoenix, Dec 12 2001

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