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Might you be playing it at this very moment?

Computer game where you post ideas to an online forum. Goal is to garner as many positive votes as possible. Or maybe it's to initiate lengthy philosophical discussions. Or both. Maybe neither. The game will include other online personalities with randomly generated names such as "PeterSealy," "egnor," and "waugsqueke" that will annotate your ideas and even post their own.

Version 2 will include the ability to actually play online against other players...
-- PotatoStew, Dec 29 2000

The ultimate goal is the highest vote:idea ratio possible, of course; plus votes are better but a mean of -10 points per idea means that you at least draw attention, and that's supposed to be a Good Thing. Secondarily, you attempt to annotate as many ideas as possible and spark meaningful conversation that validates all involved parties (forgetting, of course, that in the game version, you are the only real party... but, then again, maybe all of this exists only in my mind and I really AM the only involved party...)
-- absterge, Dec 29 2000

waugsqueke: Virtual Vernon is not included with the initial game purchase; however, the Virtual Vernon plug-in does come bundled with the Halfbakery 1.2 upgrade (which allows for ideas and annotations longer than 10,000 characters).
-- PotatoStew, Dec 29 2000

Are you sure 'upgrade' is the correct term?
-- thumbwax, Dec 30 2000

So by [absterge]'s criteria, no one is even close to [johng] who has a points-per-idea score of about 45 at the moment...
-- hippo, May 16 2001

exactly, hippo. :) However, the score should be adjusted up or down for prodigiousness over time. [johng] does have a very high per-idea score, but that should be modified down due to his long playing time and few contributions, although not by much. (prodigiousness is much less important than actually having *good* ideas) [Vernon], OTOH, with a mean of 8.27 votes/idea, could be said to be 'winning', because he's garnered lots of attention and votes, and sparked huge conversations, regardless of the +/- ratio. ;)
-- absterge, May 16 2001

Mephista - buy a shirt. (under the 't-shirt' link on the 'meta' menu on the left) (and no, I'm not a creator, just a client. :) [jutta] is our sole bakesperson, and we like it that way)
-- absterge, May 16 2001

Though it may be an older idea, it did't deserve the bad idea mark it had! Oh, and how about 'Halfbakery: The Board Game'?
-- NeverDie, Sep 04 2001


I'm not voting 4 this 1 as well
-- GreeboMaster, Sep 16 2001

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