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Science: Body: Breast
Halter Shelver   (+1, -8)  [vote for, against]
Arch Support for Lass' Assets

Now that restrictions barring the use of silicone breast implants have fallen, they'll be available for choosy modders. The basic idea of two implants per chest, sadly, has neither undergone revision nor have the implants themselves changed from earliest inception. So ....

I propose a one-piece implant, to be placed horizonally at the breast line and to span the entire chest. This design has advantages: much like the way a spirit level functions, the bearer will "feel" level. That has to be good. Disadvantages include: More complicated fitting and surgery, and perhaps learning how to walk while appearing natural.
-- reensure, Apr 21 2007

// That has to be good.
Hey, don't let me stop you.
-- jutta, Apr 21 2007

The problem is that this idea does not go far enough. The one piece implant still is imbalanced and provides uneven strain on the back. Intelligent design and ergonomic logic would state that the implant should be circumferential, with equal weight on all parts of the body. This would keep the chooser moddy looking good, but reduce back strain and frontheaviness.
-- bungston, Apr 21 2007

Surely if this was the usual gel-filled type, the gel would flow from one into the other whilst sleeping on your side? As if bed-hair wasn't enough to deal with first thing in the morning.
-- wagster, Apr 21 2007

Of course, this idea will be taken over and rapidly expanded into the full body implant, each custom tailored to the wearer's design.

As the fashionable shape of the body changes from movie to TV image, breast, buttock, cheekbone and calf implants will be added onto your cellular model implant package, and pumped up or deflated as your video idols change.

(Disclaimer: John Varley's already been there, in "The Golden Globes".)
-- normzone, Apr 21 2007

this seems like a swimming aid like floaties or something...
-- xandram, Apr 21 2007

/the gel would flow/

-- bungston, Apr 22 2007 does, doesn't it, [bung]?
-- m_Al_com, Apr 23 2007

Ewww, vanity based body modification [-]
-- zen_tom, Apr 23 2007

For some strange reason this kinda reminds me of one of those rocking wave tank thingies.
-- skinflaps, Apr 23 2007

//.. the gel would flow from one to the other ... side .. //

Not necessarily a bad thing. I wish the stuff in my back pockets would do that.
-- reensure, Apr 24 2007

When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide.
-- darksasami, Apr 26 2007

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