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Hammock Bike Racing   (0)  [vote for, against]
Get ahead on your back.

Hammock bikes consist of a hammock strung from from a point between fixed handlebars to a raised cargo bar behind their banana seat.

Riders line up up their bikes at the starting line of a circular track, and then climb up into their hammock and lay down on their backs.

Bikes have both remote starts and kickstands, allowing the rider to start the bike while suspended.

Gunning the engines, all the bikes take off down the track. Using hammock swing technology, the riders swing a bit to the left or right to tilt the bike to enter the turn, and then centrifugal force pushes them over the seat as they complete the turn.

Last bike standing wins.
-- mylodon, Dec 07 2017

//Last bike standing wins.//
So... the finish line will be somewhere just into the first corner...?
-- neutrinos_shadow, Dec 07 2017

Two finish lines : one for vehicles, one for occupants.
-- FlyingToaster, Dec 07 2017

I was trying to envision hammock-containing pedal-powered bikes, until I saw the phrase "Gunning the engines".
-- Vernon, Dec 07 2017

//hammock swing technology,//

So, this implies a sort of power steering for motorbikes? Will there be gyroscopes? Will the gyroscopes ruin the fun?
-- pertinax, Dec 08 2017

No gyroscopes! Just the simple balance of a person swinging in the breeze.
-- mylodon, Dec 08 2017

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