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Hamster Ball Billiards   (+5, -1)  [vote for, against]
A fuzzy twist on an old game

Balls are replaced with small hamster balls containing Ballhamsters trained to run away from the pockets. Specially trained Cuehamsters are used to push the Ballhamsters to the holes. No sticks are used in this version of the game, rather, miniature easels and pointers are used to show the Cuehamster which ball to put into which hole. Players take turns each providing their own Cuehamster, a turn starts when the easel is lifted from in front of the Cuehamster and the turn ends when either the Ballhamster is in the pocket or manages to disengage from the Cuehamster's ball for 1 full ball revolution.

Provides hours of fun for the whole family and pets for the kids.
-- jhomrighaus, Nov 30 2006

I bought a gerbil and one of those balls for my girlfriends cat to play with, she thought it was mean. The cat loved it at first but after a couple of hours the gerbil knew it was safe and it started chasing the cat.
-- pydor, Nov 30 2006

Part of the challenge of the game is training your Cuehamster. Thats the part that takes real skill and dedication.
-- jhomrighaus, Nov 30 2006

any ideas on small predatory creatures that can operate a hamster ball.
-- jhomrighaus, Nov 30 2006

[phlish] Do three ideas represent a Rash of ideas? I just started rolling it around in my head and came up with some curious ideas.
-- jhomrighaus, Nov 30 2006

I think it's too complicated for hamsters. This sounds more like a crazy extreme game with people in the balls. They could do this on "Extreme Elimination Chalenge".
-- -wess, Nov 30 2006

Bun for "Ballhamster" and "Cuehamster".
-- wagster, Dec 01 2006

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