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Non-aerosol tripwire detection

I read yesterday of soldiers who, in their uncanny ability to learn new ways to not die, have started using silly string as a way to detect tripwires when entering a building. By spraying the stuff across a room, they see it dangle off of tripwires (which are otherwise nearly impossible to detect).

Problems: A) The military does not provide Silly String, or any other competitive compressed foam string product, as a standard equipment. So soldiers must find it on their own. B) Silly String is an aerosol product, that therefore cannot be shipped by well-meaning civilians to their soldiers.

Solution: A hand-pump device (link two) that creates a pressurized environment from which to expel string foam product. It's aerosol free and therefore mailable to wherever. It's also not as dangerous to leave in the heat or fall on, because it is less likely to cause shrapnel wounds should it break.
-- shapu, Dec 08 2006

Silly String Saves Lives http://www.theglobe...ernational/America/
[shapu, Dec 08 2006]

Hand-pump spray bottles
[shapu, Dec 08 2006]

Yeah, wouldn't it be nice. Most of the silly string that I've seen is puffed-up by the volatile propelling gas, and somehow hardened by the rapid expansion of said gas. I don't see that an air-powered silly string is going to work without some major changes that aren't described in this idea. But I'm not fishboning, as the goal is worthy.

May I suggest that a roll of dental floss would be easy to throw across a room, and the floss would be light enough to avoid setting off a tripwire (probably). It would also allow for hooking the floss to a longer string, and tugging the tripwire from a safe distance.
-- baconbrain, Dec 08 2006

What happens if you cut the tripwire instead of tugging on it?
-- Veho, Dec 08 2006

Pulling = infinitely more satisfying.
-- shapu, Dec 08 2006

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-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 09 2006

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