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Exercise individual fingers

Hand exercisers seem to all be designed to exercise the whole hand at once. We end up with handshakes like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but our bulked-up mitts fumble keyboards, can't select the right key, and cause major social gaffes when we try to pick up tea cups in polite company.

This simple product is the answer: a glove with flexible metal spines on the back stiffening the fingers. Each finger is individually exercised - ripple them like a pianist, develop fine motor skills backed up by real beef, pound those keyboards hard enough to break them!

Why you might want to exercise individual fingers, well, I'm sure po can come up with some suggestions. But I was thinking pianists, typists and the kind of people who like to dangle from rock faces by their little finger.
-- DrCurry, Oct 06 2004

Hand exerciser toothbrush http://www.halfbake...rciser_20toothbrush
[hippo, Oct 06 2004]

Exercise Putty
Putty for exercising [oneoffdave, Oct 06 2004]

Exercise putty [link] exercies all your fingers individually. Most climbers I know use this rather than the older style grip exercisers.
-- oneoffdave, Oct 06 2004

I want a foot exerciser that'll exercise each toe individually...
-- yamahito, Oct 06 2004

What about a keyboard with "slightly harder to press than usual" keys?
-- The Duke, Mar 13 2008

How about a car that you can push with your feet!
-- daseva, Mar 13 2008

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