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Handheld Hai!-ku   (+2, -5)  [vote for, against]
for those aspiring poets on the run.

Have you ever found yourself in need of a haiku fast? Or have you ever wanted to show off to all your friends your haiku writing skills? Well now you can, with no need of any creativity or effort.

Introducing the all-new "Handheld Random Hai!-ku Poetry Generator", or HRHPG. This awesome piece of electronic equipment fits in your palm, with an easy to read LCD display. All you have to do is turn it on, press the Hai!-Ku button, and this little baby randomly generates some of the best poetry Japan has to offer (in English).

The device comes preloaded with hundreds of thousands of nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, prepositions, and all the other types of words only English majors care about. When you generate a Haiku, the device takes random words and puts them into a specific format (kind of like an adlib) and pops out on the screen. Never again will you be the least creative beatnik out of your group of beatnik friends. Beatniks, and hippies, all around the world will be happy to own one, or ten!
-- DeliveranceRiverBoatCaptain, Feb 17 2006

Haiku Generator http://www.everypoe...m/haiku/default.htm
[ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 17 2006]

Hai no than ku! [-]
-- etherman, Feb 17 2006

Generated for [DRBC]

Willows dip green

in summer torrent,

Long Pig squeals.
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 18 2006

Bun for [Consul].
-- wagster, Feb 18 2006

This is a bad plan

You really wasted my time

A fishbone for you
-- MikeOxbig, Feb 19 2006

An English Major
Might court-martial you for this:
Not an august start!

Oh, all right, we're having fun, so have a bun anyway :)
-- pertinax, Aug 22 2006

That's quite a mouthful: RPNHRHPG Doesn't really scan.
-- moomintroll, Aug 22 2006

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