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We do this already for portables...

First: Incorporate a 'recharging' handset into the television, in which the remote control rests. Because we're using a cordless phone battery for the clicker, take out the battery cover. Since we no longer have a battery cover, there's no chance for it to be knocked out (and the batteries sent flying) or lost and replaced with scotch tape/electrical tape. And because we have a place for the clicker to rest naturally, we spend less time 'looking around' for it.

Second, incorporate a 'call' button. The clicker beeps loudly whenever the button is pressed, until the 'power' key is tapped (or a certain amount of time has gone by).

All the changes above already exist in cordless phones. We have a ready-made solution for any engineer who would combine the two.

(Possible duplication with the idea: Remote locator?)
-- Almafeta, Jan 09 2005

The stupidly named "remote control2" also includes a remote locator. (I thought I had read mention of someone's TV with this feature.)
-- jutta, Jan 09 2005

[+] bun, but since rechargable batteries don't last forever, don't eliminate the battery cover.

You could make it held closed by screws, through, like many childrens toys are, nowadays.

If you used a capacitor instead of a rechargable battery, then you wouldn't ever need to change it, and you could then eliminate the cover, but capacitors has other drawbacks :)

Last but not least, if using rechargable batteries, make sure to design it so that they're conventionally shaped (and readily available) AA or AAA types, not those annoying, expensive, difficult to match when replacing, battery packs that rechargable phones take.
-- goldbb, Apr 30 2009

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