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[2fries] my friend Pierre initiated this idea but I'm sure he would be happy for you to implement it, based on your 9 winged dual flywheel flapping drone idea, I tried it, by sticking 9 feathers in one of those foam squeezy balls they hand out at conferences, that was Piere's idea, to use the foam squeezy balls to stick feathers in. So I tried out your concept by sticking the 9 feathers in the ball and holding it in my hand and going for a walk around the block -- thats the way I test all my stuff becasue you have to let the thing adapt to your regular body motion for you to be able to feel what it wants to do -- and I could tell something interesting was happening but my hands kept getting tangled up in all of the feathers and that started me thinking about what the regular geometric solid with 9 points in 3D spaice inscribed on a sphere would be, and so I tried 8 which is two tetra hedrons superimposed ontop of eathother in a sphere so that all the points are equidistant but that was pretty complicated too, so I just randomly pulled out feathers until there were 5 feathers, like a person, head and 4 appendages, and I wung that around the block and low and behold it was pretty cool, the feathers made a ring around the ball so it was like a circular sort of baton thingy and you could imagine marching band baton twirlers having a field day with these, and they would be so cheap to make, and you could sell packages of on foam ball and 12 feathers so that people could arrange them any way they want and they could hand them out at charity walks so that all the participants could be studying wing warping and innovating new products while they walk, and someone could take this and charge 5 dollars a package and make a killing and use it to start an international reparations fund to turn the piggy bank upside down if you kow what I mean matey, wink wink, put another shrimp on the barbie? ay? mm feel like i'm about to chunder...
-- JesusHChrist, Dec 13 2016

This is your brain on drugs
[Voice, Dec 13 2016]

I can be even more random
The plot was quite unpredictable. [RayfordSteele, Dec 19 2016]

The New Zero Dollar Bill https://pbs.twimg.c...KWQAMc7k7.jpg:large
alriots [JesusHChrist, Dec 20 2016]

Because I'm the downest. You may call me, "Your Downestness."/<In the voice of Dr. Franknfurter but with an Austrailian accent>, I am upside down with a digereedoo in my alimentary canal, down as in waiting for my billy to boil, down as in down for a December 21st holiday at a Trump sponsored Saint Lucia exclusive island getaway board meeting to initiate the Trump International De- Infrastructuring disability entrepreneruial fellowship conference and extended tropics party with morning yoga and flying lessons and daily discussions of plans for the peaceful overthrow of the world via flapping flight over mai tais and fat cuban cigars with rolled hash balls in them and hot asian chicks all over the fucking place.
-- JesusHChrist, Dec 13 2016

Thank you [Voice], yes I have one question. where would you like me to send your deinvitation to the massive planning party fiesta dance carnival that will lead up to mardi gras parades like never before my friend, you will instead be invited to be a part of the washington dc black and white power peace rally. how would you like to be the MC? What about a Colosseum gladiator type scenario where you and the most excellently hatefullest of all representatives of each side on ether side of you and you have to start the orgy by getting them to calm down and get along and then eventually have sex with eachother, unless you would like to be torn apart and used as weapons in the gladitorial fight betweent the two which will be aired as part of the Cher concert and celebration to start world reparations. See this Cher thing is going to happen on December 19, next Monday as a part of a walk to the white house to influence the electoral college to appoint Hilary Clinton president. Thats why Seth Rogan and Snoop Dog and Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johanson need to snap to and get going on the movie of my life. what gives guys? bong got your tongue?
-- JesusHChrist, Dec 13 2016

And yes I will continue to make stupid jokes into eternity and you will laugh at them in order to get access to the future and other universes, as part of an immigration ./ reeducation process that you will develop for yoursself with the help of lots of psychiatrists with feathers.
-- JesusHChrist, Dec 13 2016

//And yes I will continue to make stupid jokes//

You make jokes too?
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 18 2016

Hmm, it's like looking at the history of beat literature, in reverse.
-- not_morrison_rm, Dec 19 2016

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