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Postings from those gone but not forgotten

(Sorry, should have posted this about five days ago.)

Allow users to post one-off annotations (or ideas, I suppose) under long defunct account names. Maybe just on Halloween.
-- DrBob, Nov 02 2001

(Long in Internet time. And it's meant to be spooky, not a joke.)
-- DrBob, Nov 02 2001

The Ghost of Christmas Past, maybe.
-- JacobMarley, Nov 02 2001

talking of spooky, I bet the lone gunmen have visited here sometime
-- po, Nov 02 2001

yeah wheres global?
-- technobadger, Nov 03 2001

I'm pretty sure that the oldest non-contributing name I've ever seen is 'clive'.
-- hippo, Nov 05 2001

Anyone seen Vernon?
-- st3f, Nov 05 2001

bliss: Hm, not even close (thank goodness!). Your posting needs to go on for another two screens without either repeating itself or ever quite making sense. Anyway, Vernon, for better or worse, doesn't count as defunct, as he only pops up perdiodically anyway. Sort of like Comet Kahoutec.
-- DrBob, Nov 05 2001

ooh, ooh, ooh! I wanna be cumguzzlingdungeonwhore! :P
-- absterge, Nov 05 2001

<thumbs nose at PeterSealy> I believe that thumbwax has got some medication that will help with that.
-- DrBob, Nov 06 2001

More surreal than you think, Rods. This idea was actually posted by Mr Sealy using my login. I guess it would be a collectors item now. Perhaps I should stick it up on e-bay, and see what I can get for it.
-- DrBob, Apr 17 2002

Oh oh. Does that mean that the good doctor could actually be a masquerading Sealy?
-- waugsqueke, Apr 17 2002

Thanks Dr. Bob! Yes, unlike many regulars here, I actually have lots of other things to do that each take up lots of spare time. Though if a really good :) mad idea suddenly occurs to me, you can bet I will find the time to post it, heh heh.
-- Vernon, Sep 23 2003

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