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for the most natural-looking protuberance

By combining the existing technologies of modern implant surgery and Crystal Growing (see link), one can intensify his appearance by creating a variety of realistic growths on his head.

After simply inserting these crystals under the skin, one's own interstitial fluid will cause their growth to begin. One must be sure to choose a slow-growing crystal so that one's skin, friends and coworkers have ample time to adjust to the new structures.

Depending on the crystal chosen and the location selected, one may end up with a slim pair of antennae, a jaunty set of demon horns, or a single, central horn for a more mystical look.

Not only fashionable, but sure to be functional as well.

Not to be used elsewhere on the body.
-- lintkeeper2, Oct 23 2003

Smithsonian Crystal Growing
just add water [lintkeeper2, Oct 04 2004]

Gemstone Implants http://www.halfbake...Gemstone_20Implants
To be used elsewhere on the body. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]

Just in time for Halloween.
-- snarfyguy, Oct 23 2003

Actually, inspired by the Hallowe'en Festival in Salem Massachussetts, where I begrudgingly paid US $10 for a very realistic set of tie-on horns.
-- lintkeeper2, Oct 23 2003

Ouch. No, thank you. Not comfortable. Quite painful. Ugly and painful. Big scars. No. (-)
-- k_sra, Oct 23 2003

interesting concept. when I grew crystal, it was not in water but some other medium (?) do you have a link to show that the fluid in our cells would do what you say?

there's always the danger that they would grow inwards and damage organs..
-- po, Oct 23 2003

[po] interstitial fluid is mostly water, surrounding cells rather than inside cells. I will look for a link that shows how the crystals react with fluid. And I'm assuming the crystals would take the path of least resistance, that is, grow outward rather than through the skull.
-- lintkeeper2, Oct 23 2003

I have to admit that this sounds like a wonderful idea. Although useful only once a year for this, I find myself having to purchase a costume every year for Hallowe'en.....problem SOLVED. I wonder if these crystals could be implanted anywhere in the body?? There could be a market for this type of implant for males.....but that is another story.
-- al 'night long', Oct 23 2003

OW! What is wrong with you people?
-- k_sra, Oct 23 2003

ow? explain yourelf - k_sra!
-- po, Oct 23 2003

This sounds like it would have a very high risk of bodily rejection. Your immune system is designed to keep things like this from happening.
-- Malakh, Oct 23 2003

[al] thank you for your comments, we now know more about you than you think. [Malakh] I covered that with the use of modern implant technology.
-- lintkeeper2, Oct 23 2003

AFAIK modern implant technology is still only good for a few weeks, so the crystal wouldn't really have much time to grow. But I haven't read about it for months, so someone please correct me. :)
-- Detly, Oct 23 2003

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