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Protect your head when trying on hats

You go to a store to try on a hat, but you don't know who's done the same. You won't buy a hat before checking to see that it looks good. What to do? Use the Head Footie, a sanitary head protector based on the footie used for similar purpose in a shoe store.

Just slip the Head Footie over your hair and try on the hat. Continue until you find the hat that fits. Discard the Head Footie. Take hat home. Brush out hat's interior and you're ready to wear it. No danger of lice, oil or other leftovers from strangers. And you know the hat looks good, because you tried it on!
-- juliec2, Aug 14 2000

This seems to depend on other people having used head footies (I doubt brushing could remove all the things one risks). Better to have temporary liners on the hats, with the kind of Do Not Remove labels that cause so much amusement on mattresses and pillows.
-- hello_c, Sep 06 2000

The head footie would take away what I like most about hats: the caress of a stranger in an unforseen place or way.
-- Vance, Jan 29 2001

Interestingly enough, while on my last trip to the Chek Republic, I came across a successful wholesale haberdashery warehouse in Prague ,which Incidentally was founded by the father of Franz Kafka. While on the tour my wife and I saw many interesting hats of all types and descriptions. When my wife was about to try on one, she was halted politely and given something resembling a scull cap to place over her head before the fitting, this was called by the proprieter a "HED".and later we were told that in pre-communist Prague, that when the girl of a young mans choice was given her Easter whipping( as is tradition in the Chek republic) the girl would return the favour by giving him an ugly hat, but FIRST he needed the scull cap. Oddly enough this was refered to as "GIVING HED". Sad but true this practice never made it to the States in any large manner.
-- CrazyWulf, Jun 14 2002

A toilett ring protector dispenser might work well here.
-- FarmerJohn, Jun 14 2002

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