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Head shaped speaker phone for less(?) spooky conversations.

Speakerphones are convenient, but it can be spooky holding a conversation with a disembodied voice. The Head Phone solves this problem. It's a speakerphone shaped like an abstract head. The phone is wireless so you can place it on a coffee table or dining table as convenient. It's like having the person on the phone sitting with you all.

You can optionally attach Mr. Potatohead-like eyes, nose, and mouth.
-- IJK, Mar 27 2007

Hands free model. http://content.answ...phod_Beeblebrox.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 27 2007]

Ew, it's like those creepy video games with really realistic 3d faces that just aren't quiiite right, or if you noticed your friend had a few wires hanging out the back of his neck one day. [+]
-- Smurfsahoy, Mar 27 2007

This seems even more spooky to me, because the head phone wouldn't actually look like whoever you're talking to, and it wouldn't be moving its mouth or making facial expressions or gestures.
-- BJS, Mar 27 2007

This would look creepy except for the option of attaching Mr. Potatohead-like eyes, nose, and mouth which adds a nice comic element. I think part of it is about having something more interesing to look at than a boring phone when talking to the person on the speakerphone. I suggest a large white rabbit, wired with the speakerphone's speaker and microphone. It would hop around the conference table and twitch its nose endearingly as you conduct your conversation. After sufficient time spent sitting around a table talking to a white rabbit, only the most stable-minded members of your organisation will escape madness.
-- hippo, Mar 27 2007

//You can optionally attach Mr. Potatohead-like eyes, nose, and mouth. //

Graham Norton always had a contraption like this on his show. Talking bears and the like.
-- theleopard, Mar 27 2007

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