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Hearing North   (+3, -1)  [vote for, against]
Stereo headphones with built-in direction.

A chip in the headphones uses the compass to control the phasing, so that the stereo sound always seems to come from the north (or whatever direction you want).
-- ldischler, Jul 05 2005

Hmm. This is interesting because the stereo image can remain fixed to the geography of a room or an existing loudspeaker arrangement. You'd get the same basic image, as you rotate your head, as you do when listening to speakers in the same environment. Not sure how useful it is, not that that is a showstopper here, but it is clever and elegant. +
-- bristolz, Jul 06 2005

-- DrCurry, Jul 06 2005

FAR better idea than the one about the implant in the skull with metal to guide you... now all we need is a small gyroscope in these headphones to keep you level!
-- Kozi4361, Jul 06 2005

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