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for lacrosse, basketball, baseball, American football, and rugby

In all the above mentioned sports, there is risk of getting struck with a ball directly over the heart, which could put the heart into fibrulation or stop it entirely. Recently a lacrosse player has died from this injury.

Apart from having defibrulator on hand, which not all schools can afford, there is a solution to this problem. A mandatory piece of protection gear over the heart. It would be a thick plastic dome that would strap around the back and be filled with a dense foam.
-- jellydoughnut, Jun 04 2006

Here's a piece of gear with a pad on the chest - http://scuba-equipm...ages/suits/saps.jpg
- but it will be warm to play in [normzone, Jun 07 2006]

I play rugby. Real men don't need padding.

Sure, make this available, just don't make me wear more gear to prevent a one-in-a-million injury.
-- sninctown, Jun 04 2006

Given that first aid defibrillators are now available for less than $2,000, every school should have one in its first aid kit(s).
-- DrCurry, Jun 04 2006

heck, that's a lot of money and they cannot afford ME!

they'd never know where it was or how to use it...
-- po, Jun 04 2006

//they cannot afford ME!//

Have them switch to Linux.
-- methinksnot, Jun 06 2006

how would that help, snotty?
-- po, Jun 06 2006

Windows ME is, reputedly, very expensive to maintain. There are many advantages to using Linux as a platform, and one of them is its lower implementation cost (given the right client).

How's your holiday so far?
-- methinksnot, Jun 07 2006

//They cannot afford ME!// Why, how much do YOU charge, [Po]?
-- spidermother, Jun 07 2006

If you have to ask, you cannot afford her.
-- methinksnot, Jun 07 2006

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