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Vehicle: Car: Climate: Heating
Heated Pedals   (+5, -2)  [vote for, against]
Keep your feet warm.

Similar to the heated handgrips found on BMW motorcycles, electrical coils placed in the brake, clutch and gas pedals (and the adjacent foot rest) keep your feet toasty warm on cold days. Perfect for those who get sleepy when the car gets too warm or are prone to cold feet.
-- nuclear hobo, Feb 21 2007

Ever heard of shoes?
-- acurafan07, Feb 21 2007

What are shoes?
-- BJS, Feb 21 2007

Y'know, like brake shoes, only you have clutch shoes and gas shoes as well.

Apparently, the original Shelby Cobra disposed of most of its engine heat via the pedals.
-- angel, Feb 21 2007

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