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Heatshrink Socks   (+9)  [vote for, against]

You put them on loose, and the warmth of your body (or on cold days, a hairdryer) shrinks them to a snug fit. Going through the wash slackens them again.
-- mitxela, Dec 10 2015

" far too loose sheep intestine technologies "
( ah, that brings back some good memories ) [normzone, Dec 11 2015]

Who needs to use blue nail polish with these on, especially when sitting by the fire.
-- wjt, Dec 10 2015

"One size fits all ..."
-- 8th of 7, Dec 10 2015

Bi-metallic threads?
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 10 2015

//"One size fits all ..."// - ah, so you've read J.R.R. Tolkein's poorly-received prequel, "Lord of the Socks"?
-- hippo, Dec 10 2015

You could use them for playing golf, especially if you had a hole in one.
-- bhumphrys, Dec 10 2015

These can breathe, right? Otherwise I anticipate a problem...
-- RayfordSteele, Dec 11 2015

Not just breathe, they have a heartbeat and need to be fed. They're also extremely territorial about just whose feet can wear them. One thief who 'borrowed' a pair met with a grizzly end as the Heatshrink Socks, somehow feeling the injustice against their original owner, shrank all the way to a terminal case of deep vein thrombosis.
-- mitxela, Dec 11 2015

How does one take them off?? (plunge feet into ice water?)
-- xandram, Dec 11 2015

Post-shrinking, they should be no tighter than an ordinary sock. Ordinarily.
-- mitxela, Dec 11 2015

OK, I'll bun this. I really don't like socks that stretch out and go down into my boots or shoes! +
-- xandram, Dec 11 2015

If we're going to make shrinkwrap sheep skin, why not make advances in far too loose sheep intestine technologies?
-- 4and20, Dec 11 2015

Fourex fitting a little loose, [4and20] ?
-- normzone, Dec 11 2015

Well, it's the twentyfourex, after the first twentythree sheep met their maker.
-- 4and20, Dec 11 2015

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