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Helium for the Goalkeeper   (+5)  [vote for, against]
Overcome vuvuzela din with high frequency commands

If any of you have been watching the World Cup in South Africa this week, you'll have noticed the entire contest has been organised by an angry swarm of bees, in numbers nigh on apocalyptic. This din is produced by the vuvuzela horns - trumpets tooted at sports events popular in Africa.

Players from outside Africa have been finding it difficult to communicate with each other above the noise, especially goalkeepers, who need to direct the rest of the team during set pieces to form an effective wall in front of them.

Seems to me, they'd be much easier to hear above the low-pitch tumult if they were at a much higher frequency. Insert a helium canister in the goalposts with a small flip down nozzle from which the keeper can inhale the gas, jobs a goodun!
-- theleopard, Jun 16 2010

Then they'd all sound like Beckham.
-- wagster, Jun 16 2010

Pipe various mixtrues of helium, xenon and tungsten hexafluoride into the stadia to manipulate the pitch of the vuvuzeli - a skilled gasmaster might even be able to play a tune, of sorts.
-- zen_tom, Jun 16 2010

At high wind matches,the players could strap harmonicas to their heads as they run around.
-- skinflaps, Jun 16 2010

Football for the blind, [skinflaps]?
-- theleopard, Jun 16 2010

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