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Memetic warfare

In retaliation for the destruction of the buddha statues, mass-produce a line of graven images offensive to the Taliban, but decorative to everybody else. Make Mullah Mohammad Omar as popular as Hello Kitty.

[Could this end up being offensive to more than just the Taliban? - Since at least some Islamic scholars have spoken out against the destruction of the artifacts, there seems to be potential for precision here.

Do I really believe this is going to stop them? - A world in which these images were to be actually mass produced based on a halfbakery idea would already violate various laws of physics, so who knows.]
-- ping, Mar 16 2001

Then we'd be as bad as they are. Just because they are disrespecting a religion doesn't mean we have to. Condemn them, don't become them.
-- nano_mars, Mar 16 2001

Hello mullah,
Hello faddah,
Greetings from the

(Apologies to Allan Sherman, Islam, Judaism, and anyone who used a few seconds of their life to read that.)
-- Uncle Nutsy, Mar 16 2001

Shouldn't that be "Hello mullah, hello fatwa"?
-- bookworm, Mar 16 2001

[link removed--it was trivial, as PeterSealy suggests]
If the community wants to express its feelings about desecration of society and sanctity, do it with a war of words and images.

Not to pick on the USA particularly, but whatever happened to the national pride that comes from being labled 'Great Satan'? If the country is that bad, go graphic with the national opinion. Commemorate in stamp or coin issues the many victories over terrorists--country by country portrayed after a fashion "Isræli Secret Service assaults terrorist hijackers" or "Realpolitik standoff, Swiss banks comply and return WWII loot".

Just as a slap in the face of the Taliban, reproductions of the buddah statues destroyed in Afghanistan should face the ancient site. Any takers for what country will erect these? Could be some tourist $ in it.
-- reensure, Mar 16 2001

Bookworm: Probably, being more topical even though it doesn't rhyme quite so well.
-- Uncle Nutsy, Mar 16 2001

ping - I am not endorsing the Taliban's actions. (My mother is a Buddhist) However, your idea could end up being offensive to more than just the Taliban but to the whole of Islam (apologies, typo. I am very bad at proof-reading) instead. Do you really believe your idea of retaliation is going to stop them? Or are you just trying to make things worse?
-- nano_mars, Mar 17 2001

nano nano, hurry and change the spelling of Islam from Isalm! That's a cardinal sin! Oh No! They don't have cardinals!...I'm sorry...anyhoo, though I don't automatically obey cult or religious rules...It is an unpardonable offense to the whole of civilization, not just a religion or a sect thereof to desecrate such properties whether blatant or otherwise. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Mass a degree, Bleeding Hearts never run out of things to bleed for. To Pokemon status? Highly Doubtful. I'll have to research that Koran to see about those Howitzers, PS.
-- thumbwax, Mar 17 2001

An LP plays 5 times longer than a 78. Fire is hotter than ice. Islam is more violent than other religions..... There is something different here. An LP plays longer than a 78 because someone wanted it to. Fire is hotter than ice because that's just the way it is. Islam is more violent because there are a few jerks like Bin Laden making the whole religion look bad. Lets show images of friendly Arabs hugging Jews and make the violence "Below Measurable Limit". One of the things that I believe in is "If it cannot be measured, it doesn't exist." I met a friendly Arab. That was the sole proof that Islam is non-violent.
-- Amishman35, Jan 13 2002

Airdrop them monthly on the site, and on suspected Taliban homes. Call it the US offensive.
-- pashute, Jul 06 2015

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