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Nobody home

A mattress which looks like any other mattress. Press a switch and the central portion sinks down, leaving a person-sized depression. One can now hide under the covers without that tell-tale bump.

Use to surprise unsuspecting loved-ones. Also good for hiding away from intruders or the police.
-- -alx, Sep 25 2003

Great, now I can sleep on my stomach in the morning.
-- FarmerJohn, Sep 25 2003

Jelly bed.
-- skinflaps, Sep 25 2003

FJ, was that a problem before? <grin>
-- po, Sep 25 2003

Simple, workable, practical and lets you scare the bejaysus out of people. What more could we want? +
-- squeak, Sep 25 2003

Although if the person you are surprising doesn't suspect that they are one of your loved ones, you could get prosecuted.
-- squeak, Sep 25 2003

//person-sized depression//

But it usually feels bigger.
-- k_sra, Sep 25 2003

[squeak] But how could they prosecute you, if the police couldn't find you...?
-- -alx, Sep 25 2003

Ahhaaaah! sneaky
-- squeak, Sep 25 2003

Can you throw it into reverse so that it leaves a person sized shape in the bed whilst you hide in the wardrobe. He he he he.
-- nichpo, Sep 25 2003

Put me down for three. (That'll confuse 'em)
-- st3f, Sep 25 2003

st3f - well I'm confused but what is new?
-- po, Sep 25 2003

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