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Bury me in the sky....

Gravesites are becoming more and more scarce. With over 5 billion perople alive today, what if we all decide we prefer burial to cremation? The solution is high rise cemeatries.

It's a building dedicated to the dead. On each level is a number of preapred graves, built into the floor. Simply place casket in the hole and cover with regulation 6ft of dirt. Add a memorial on top. There can be piped music, water features, internal landscaping, mood lighting, you name it.(imagine the entire floor in darkness and just a single spotlight illuminating the grave of your loved one...!) Naturally, the upper floors would be more expensive, being closer to God(!). And if you have the money, the penthouse level is an entire floor dedicated to your shirine, with views to die for (and coded access to keep out the riff-raff).
-- simonj, Jul 20 2003

(?) Prague cemetary http://www.talkingc...s/sights_jewish.htm
[FloridaManatee, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

Screw Coffins http://www.popsci.c...s-ground-save-space
Coffin Screws [theircompetitor, Aug 09 2010]

A Place to Die For... 2BR, South Exposure. D/w, intc, hi ceil. a/c, eik, 24 hr dm. Walk/wk. Conv trains. $1,800. Call 881-1888.
-- phundug, Jul 21 2003

I wonder what folks do with dead people in Tokyo, where land is super expensive?
-- bungston, Jul 21 2003

How is this different from a mausoleum?
-- supercat, Jul 21 2003

Define mausoleum and I'll tell you.
-- simonj, Jul 21 2003

I always though those "Self-Storage" places I see so often were just for that purpose.
-- kbecker, Jul 21 2003

Well, a reasonably typical mausoleum in my area has several sections each of which holds aproximately a 2x12x4 collection of niches each sized to hold a coffin. One end of every niche adjoins a walkable space, and each niche is capped with a stone face. If each niche takes up a total space of 30"x30"x96", they are stacked four high, and the sections are 8' apart, that would suggest that the total ground area required is about 7.5sqft per niche. If a mausoleum had multiple floors, the ground area could be correspondingly reduced.
-- supercat, Jul 22 2003

Why dont we bury people upright? I mean you'd be able to cram a lot more bodies in to the ground that way. I know certain religions don't like the idea, but meh, it makes more sense doesn't it?
-- sloaned, Jul 22 2003

yes yes, japan. i beive japan has a mandatory cremation law... bbut thats based on heresay, so dont quote me on that, but i think your cremated and anytime someone wants to visit your 'grave' they visit the family memorial and put incense at the alter. being low on space they put these shrine yards ontop of buildings now. i think.

myself, i dont want to be in a graveyard. i want to be taken out to a nice field someplace that wont turn into a mall anytime soon, maybe Amish country, and burried there. but burried with/ontop of me would be a tree seed or sapling. eather a very nice breed of tree or one that grows into a twisted scary shape. the tree would feed off my body as it grew and soon enough i'd be one with the tree.

i'd choose a nice tree so people could use me for shade, safe in the knowlage that my spirit is protecting them as they enjoy their day.

or a big scary tree so kids would look at the tree, point, and say "thats the death tree" then dare their friends to climb me... at which point i steal their soul.

i cant decide, oh well, i've got time...i hope.
-- HalfwayHebrew, Jul 22 2003

[supertcat] Right. If it was 50 stories high and made of steel & glass rather than stone, then yes I suppose it would be similar. Except that the graves are not stacked 4 deep; on each floor the graves are layed out in a grid type formation.
-- simonj, Jul 22 2003

<pedantpolice> "...there ARE over 6 billion people alive today." </pedantpolice>
-- Guncrazy, Jul 23 2003

"that's the death tree, go on climb it, I dare you"

"Nah, I can't, I'm late for me tea"


"No, I'm not, it's just, just"


"I'm not! I'll climb it then.... I'll show you, you'll see."

And of course neither child was ever seen again.

I think you have to choose the death tree, HalfwayHebrew, it's so passe to be a nice happy protective tree spirit thing, so last season...
-- Taika, Jul 23 2003

then its decided... i think a nice oak tree would work. good and sturdy, creepy looking, climbable. i think its oak i'm thinking of.

every now and then i'd need to leave one alive so he can go and tell everyone the tree takes peoples souls, otherwise the rumors would stop, and i cant have that.

need souls...mmmmmm....souls...
-- HalfwayHebrew, Jul 23 2003

[C Trebor] well 6 billion is over 5 billion isn't it?
-- simonj, Jul 23 2003

I have to vote for this as in some poem I wrote years ago I mention High Rise Mausoleums. If my sight was right it would happen, if not, where else will we live when the graveyards take over the earth?
-- Zimmy, Jul 23 2003

[blissmiss]: Hey, thanks for noticing. And, yeah, I kinda have. Haven't been shooting in...damn...about 8 months.

Some might think it a sexist view, but I think femininity (as opposed to feminism) has a way And me, the only male in a household of 4...

Damn their sneaking treachery! And to think, I haven't even missed it. I guess I'll have to make myself go, now, just for skill maintenance. Sort of like the way I keep my CPR certification current.
-- Guncrazy, Jul 24 2003

The old jewish cemetary in Prague contains about 100,000 burried over the years in layers. There's about 12,000 tombstones crammed into the top layer. Trees grow there. It's not a place I'd accept a dare to spend the night.
-- FloridaManatee, Jul 24 2003

I first imagined helium filled coffins tethered together like a balloon bouquet. In any case, it's refreshingly surreal that this idea of being 'buried' is to "be raised."
-- Tiger Lily, Jul 24 2003

Do like the Irish bury them then wait 20 years then bury the next one in the same place and add the name to the tome stone a set of 10 plots can do a small family for generations to come
-- dev45, Oct 04 2006


It's been at least 7 years & when seeing the title, I still thought it was my idea - as I did 7 years ago.
-- Zimmy, Aug 14 2010

Cremation is so yesterday... I want on my headstone "Yay... I got to sequester some carbon at last"
-- Ling, Aug 14 2010

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