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Fashion: Pants: Closing
High Flyer   (+4, -2)  [vote for, against]
A fly which can't be left undone.

For those of you who forget to do up your fly after you use the toilet, perhaps pants need to have an integrated button and zipper so that when it's time to button up and leave, you are forced to pull your fly up.

Perhaps the idea could be extended so (for guys with no need to unbutton every time they need to hang a piss), a discreet alarm rather like a telephone ring tone can be sounded if their fly is undone for a dangerous amount of time.

[ok, I'm pretty sure this idea is baked, but not positive -I have not been able to find any "High Flying" pants. Also, I will disclaim that this idea only really works for women.]
-- sdm, Jun 28 2001

Man About a Dog
According to artist Jim Pallas, the average time that an American man spends in a public lavatory is 83 seconds. [mwburden, Jun 28 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Just make it so that instead of beeping it vibrates gently. Fun and more practical!
-- prodfreak, Jun 29 2001

What leads one to such a state of distraction in the time it takes to finish your whiz and step away from the urinal?
-- The Military, Jun 30 2001

Uh, drawstring pants?
-- pottedstu, Sep 21 2001

You could always get a colostomy bag fitted. Then you wouldn't have to bother with your fly at all.
-- DrBob, Mar 23 2002

They say when you turn 70 you often forget to close your fly and when you're 90 you forget to open your fly.
-- FarmerJohn, Mar 25 2002

you could remove the single button from your zip pants/trousers. the fact that they are tripping you up as you leave the toilet, is probably a sufficient hint that you've not zipped them.
or, you could have a reverse zip. which is fastened by zipping downwards. this zip has a reasonably heavy zip tag & you will therefore have "failsafe" pants/trousers. as it would take positive effort to have them unzipped...... :-)
-- mymus, Mar 25 2002

Spring loaded velcro fasterner for flyer. Once the man is done with his business, flyer will pop back to its place and close the opening.

Will need both hand to keep it in a opening position. Might caught hair on it, but that is a small price to pay for less public embarrassment.
-- bing, Mar 25 2002

"Ouch - Ouch - Ouch"
Ooooooh, look everybody, he's got his pubies stuck in velcro!
-- thumbwax, Mar 25 2002

Problems... if you're really in a hurry, and wearing a belt that's not easily unfastened, you're not going to bother with the button.

mymus: how would a downward zipper work? You've got to have it open at the top in order to put the things on.
-- bookworm, Mar 26 2002

Or to get out of the john, you would have to open a lock 1.5 meters up on the door with a key attached with an elastic band to your zipper tag.
-- FarmerJohn, Mar 26 2002

The primary reason for having zippers is to relieve one's self. Wouldn't it be better to just use the new membrane technology to wick the moisture away from your body and let it drip off a detacheable pant wick. You would be guarranteed to not miss and would only be embarrased if you did not remove the wick a clean it before leaving the restroom. Kinda like having toilet paper stuck to your shoe.
-- StAndrew, Apr 03 2002

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