Halfbakery: Vote Display
High Level Vote Tabulation   (+6, -1)  [vote for, against]
By category and for the whole of HB.

Not that it would make for any *useful* information, but seeing the sum total of all votes of all ideas in each category (only the main ones, 'car', 'health', etc) and for the halfbakery overall would be interesting. Of course, the solitary digit wouldn't communicate any of the connotations of 'stupid' ideas vs. 'impractical' vs. 'already done', nor 'popular' vs. 'useful' vs. 'clever'
-- absterge, Sep 12 2000

Or slightly better, what the average number of yes/no votes is. By category would be interesting; I suspect the highest number of yes votes will come in the fun categories (e.g., culture:game), and the highest number of no votes will come in the evil categories (e.g., "food:ha-ha dangerous").
-- bookworm, Jan 29 2002

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