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Pay shillings for your booze.

Big sign above the bar. Every hour it 'spins' a number which is one of the last 50 years. What ever year it stops at the tills automatically transfer to the prices of that year.

<phone> "Hey Bubba get the hell down here... its 1956!!"
-- etherman, Oct 20 2004

£sd if that's the same thing
[skinflaps, Oct 20 2004]

To make it more economically feasible for the bar, include future years and pricing as well.
-- bristolz, Oct 20 2004

whats to stop the punters leaving if its 2020 night?
-- po, Oct 20 2004

Well, it'd be 2020 hour so maybe they'd still be reeling from 1937 hour.
-- bristolz, Oct 20 2004

yeah you couldn't make up prices. but perhaps you could rig it a little so that the 90/00 years appear more often.
-- etherman, Oct 20 2004

<promo>The Kings Head, London N1 still asks for everything to be paid for in Shillings<end promo>
-- skinflaps, Oct 20 2004

so everything is sold in units of 5p?
-- etherman, Oct 20 2004

ahem, and pence.
-- skinflaps, Oct 20 2004

indeed. so a pint is what 45 shillings?
-- etherman, Oct 20 2004

(sits patiently with goat, waiting for 900BC hour)
-- Worldgineer, Oct 20 2004


"sorry its 899 bc hour that will be 2 goats and a hand full of weevils. and stop dragging your misses by the hair round my bar"
-- etherman, Oct 20 2004

I wanna open a Wall St restaurant where the menu scrolls around the room on an electronic board -- with fluctuating prices on the meals.

When you see the mushroom risotto fall below 9.25, you jump in the air with an order book yelling 'buy! buy! buy!".
-- not_only_but_also, Oct 20 2004

[not_only_but_also] there's a bar which does exactly that - with a kinda stock market for drink prices, I can't find the link.

[Skinflaps] as in the kings head in Islington ? they always charged me in standard pounds sterling.. are you a local ?
-- neilp, Oct 21 2004

although only recent history, at bar 170 near Old Street, London, all the drinks are 1.70 gbp (which is turning back the clock about 5 years for some parts of London). When I first went there it was called bar 150, but amusingly it changes its name, and its price every now and then.
-- neilp, Oct 21 2004

[neilp] local yes.
-- skinflaps, Oct 21 2004

Yeah but you are too young to get served.
-- etherman, Oct 21 2004

if it was recently I'd say 2004... and you were ripped off. thats edinburugh for you.
-- etherman, Oct 21 2004

So what happens if the year falls anywhere from 1920-1933 when there was Prohibition in America?
-- Machiavelli, Oct 21 2004

You pay 10x the normal price, your drink is served in a bottle labeled "turpentine", and you get arrested after your first sip. The good news is that if you order a coke it's laced with cocaine (well, at least until 1929).
-- Worldgineer, Oct 21 2004

Neat. Leave it to Pluterday to always have exact change no matter what the time. +
-- sartep, Oct 21 2004

not_only - you can get exactly this at the "Beer Trader" in Manchester. A board above the bar advertises the prices of the beer, the more demand for a beer the higher the price. You can switch to lower price beers or you must keep paying the price of the most popular brand. Very nice piece of software, and I cannot understand for one minute why they didn't put one in the city of London. Can't find a web link so may have closed down - haven't been there for 5 years.
-- goff, Oct 22 2004

The sensible thing then would be to buy beer futures at the beginning of the evening which might then give you cheap beer later on in the evening when they mature.
Also the implication of the phrase "Beer Trader" is that as well as buying beer, you can bring in your homebrew to sell to the bar. Because the bar has certain overheads though, I'd expect the bid-offer spread to be quite big.
-- hippo, Oct 22 2004

Yeah we know beer exchanges are baked, but you see, that isn't the idea.
-- etherman, Oct 25 2004

[tabs], Eighty shillings was the duty price on a barrel of beer of a particular original gravity.
-- Fishpig, Oct 25 2004

oooh nice trivia fishpig. you any relation to fishrat?
-- etherman, Oct 25 2004

Whadaya mean you want your beer fizzy? It's 1913 hour Mac, you'll take it warm and un-carbonated…and you'll like it.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 25 2004

in some of my locals beer is still unintentionally served like this.
-- etherman, Oct 25 2004

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