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Product: Office Supplies: Hole Punch
Hole Punch Reinforcement Applier   (+11, -1)  [vote for, against]
A hole punch that reinforces the paper

Recently I saw a gadjet at a store that applies reinforcements for holes in paper. It looked a bit like a stapler and had a roughly 1 inch rod with 200 little ring shaped reinforcement stickies on it, stacked with the sticky side down. You put the paper in with the hole centered, squeezed, and a reinforcement would be applied. I think that it would be nice if the three-hole-punch did this as you punched the holes by having the little puncher-heads (the things that puncture the paper) be like the rod in the reinforcement-applier and apply reinforcements when you punch it.
-- -----, Nov 14 2004

Illustration of holepunch that folds paper back
Reverse side of paper shown. [st3f, Nov 14 2004, last modified Jul 05 2015]

Or, I wonder if it would be possible to use a staple-like-idea to put a steel ring around a hole?
-- Ling, Nov 14 2004

Or, like those 'stapleless staplers', instead of punching the hole out, punch out a star shape and fold the tabs back pushing them through the paper.
-- st3f, Nov 14 2004

I think that would be expencive and for no need
-- gelie, Mar 04 2005

expensive? I think not. I'm combining two five-dollar items.
-- -----, Mar 28 2005

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