Culture: Public Holiday: Christmas
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The Fundamental Particle Of Christmas

Hollyons are the fundamental particle of Christmas, and release type of radiation known as 'Christmas Cheer' or 'Spirit'.

This is infact the Hollyon decaying. Its decay typically begins within a tree as it is being decorated. As the trees hollyons decay, they start off a chain reaction, forcing other Hollyons within the decorations to give out further Christmas Spirit. This reaction sometimes reaches non-decorative or Christmas related items, such as furniture and envelopes. The Hollyon radiation can evne cause human Hollyons to decay in some joyous occasions.

The decay usually last well into the New Year, but ends before January does. After the Hollyons have finished their decay stage, the decorations that they occupy are ususally stored away. Inside the box, the spent Hollyons then rejuvinate themselves by attracting and absorbing radiation released by non-permanent Christmas items, such as Cards, as they are put in the bin.

In this way, Hollyons are available to radiate Cheer every year, and make sure that everyone has a Merry Christmas.
-- tyskland, Dec 15 2002

They also cause retail sales which put cha-ching in my pocket. For that reason alone, the Hollyons get a croissant from me.
-- Marassa, Dec 15 2002

It seems a tree's reaction to hollyon decay is its "hair" falling out.
-- FarmerJohn, Dec 15 2002

"*sniff* What's that smell?"
"Hollyon decay."
"Oh. Smells like Christmas to me."
-- Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 16 2002

//looks too much like a forward to get a croissant//

I thought every idea was put up to get a croissant? I've never known anybody to put an idea up in order to get fishbones.
-- tyskland, Dec 16 2002

NTG didn't do it deliberately though.
-- Jinbish, Dec 16 2002

Ah ! Can Humbugs be used as shielding against Hollyon radiation ? Please, tell me it's true, and I'll order 20 tonnes.

<William T Riker> "Shields up, Red Alert !" </William T Riker>
-- 8th of 7, Dec 16 2002

[bliss] : I always try and give people the benefit of the doubt. Remember, he did complain quite a lot when the 'bones started to pile up and attract the HB vultures.
-- Jinbish, Dec 16 2002

usually at the end of the year I suffer from christmas carol withdrawl. Suppose this is serious? Should I seek medical attention?
-- NerdGirl, Dec 16 2002

Deck the Halls with quarks and leptons, fa la la la la.... la la la la...
-- RayfordSteele, Dec 16 2002

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