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Hologram projector for package shelf images

Travelling by car on long trips may bring one into areas where the culture is much different than one's own. To better fit in and reduce paranoia some people place hats on the package shelf inside the back window of their sedan in the hope these will show them to be smypahtetic to the locals. Bearing logos and coloration such as sports teams, college or professional, or organizations like NASCAR or Police charities the hope is to not get a traffic ticket or have one's car turned over by a violent mob, etc. The propsed invention is a hologram projector linked to data that would be used to project the properly logoed and colored hat onto the package shelf and protect the occupents from above mentioned mayhem. This system would be auto or manual depending on chosen options. Auto mode would be GPS triggered when crossing into unfriendly territory such as certain geopolitical hot spots or other slums.
-- cudgel, Oct 13 2012

"what are you afraid of" http://newsfornativ...-are-you-afraid-of/
[xandram, Oct 16 2012]

for total safeness stay at home and send a hologram of yourself motoring.
-- sqeaketh the wheel, Oct 13 2012

Jack Vance fan?
-- normzone, Oct 15 2012

I reluctanly bunned this...// other slums /// are not the only place you may need this. There are red-neck areas where *yous better have some rifles mounted on a gun rack in the back window*!!
-- xandram, Oct 16 2012

Having your GPS-controlled hologram hacked could cause much ensuant hilarity.

// There are red-neck areas where *yous better have some rifles mounted on a gun rack in the back window*!! //

It's not as bad as all that. We won't lynch you if don't have a Rem 870 and a 30-30 displayed proudly in your back window; we just won't respect you.
-- Alterother, Oct 16 2012

[Alter] I don't consider all Down-East as redneck, as I'm from New England myself. I was thinking more like Texas! (they are just plain rude!)(and not everyone...)
-- xandram, Oct 16 2012

That's mighty charitable of ya, pardner, but I don't live Downeast. Up here in the mountains we ain't as kindly to strangers.

Actually, that's a lie. We're always happy to greet new visitors and their wallets.
-- Alterother, Oct 16 2012

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