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Home Stadium Theatre (HST)   (+1)  [vote for, against]
Sunken in flatscreen aerial stadium television.

This will be for the enthusiast. A converted room, bigscreen TV on one side of the room, with a U of sofas around it. In the centre of the floor(stadium), sunken in will be another screen, this screen will show images taken from the "Home football dirigible", a perfect birds eye view of the football field, obviously in super-sharp hi-def. This will be the ultimate enhancement to the arm-chair sport fanatic.
-- Trodden, May 23 2003

As a sports fan, I dig it, and quite muchly, at that. I think the graphics should be adjusted so that every edge is the "bottom". A tempered glass top would be cool, so that it was also your coffee table, since you'd probably be leaning forward over it anyway. Adding this viewpoint to sports video games would be a killer first app as well. I'm giving you all three of my crescents.
-- latka, May 23 2003

All three?
-- thumbwax, May 23 2003

//all three of my crescents//

hmm? what does this mean?

Nice idea - the horizontal screen would be good for snooker on TV.
-- hippo, May 23 2003

Doesn't every one get to vote 3 times?

I voted for Bush, Gore, and the Dimpled Chad 3 years ago.
-- latka, May 23 2003

Now we need an idea for "The Overhead Sports Network".
-- phoenix, May 23 2003

//Now we need an idea for "The Overhead Sports Network".//

Only for women's tennis.
-- ato_de, May 23 2003

Ladies tennis is popular on the "Cameras Below a Transparent Court/Field" network. Which is an idea in itself.
-- phoenix, May 23 2003

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