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Home flush indicator   (+2, -3)  [vote for, against]
Set an event to happen when you flush the toilet.

A sensor on the handle will send a signal throughout the house that a toilet has been flushed. You can then set a home event to occur whenever you flush the toilet. Aside from a simple LED coming on in your bedroom, other ideas include: The kitchen lights dim and then recover as if the flush used lots of electricity. A neon sign in the likeness of a latrine comes on outside to let the neighbors know you flushed the toilet. A loudspeaker can play the sound of a public bathroom toilet flushing anywhere in the house. Same as above, but on an unused radio station. Or you can play the sound of someone throwing up. If someone is on the phone, and no modem use is detected, it will shout over the line in a childish voice "I just flushed da potty!" The computer pops up a dialog telling that the toilet has been flushed. A smoke generator makes a puff of yellow or brown smoke come out of the chimmney. If you have fluorescent lighting and use only every other light, you can set it to go to blacklights (they have F40BLB's now..yes!!) when the toilet is flushed. Flushing the toilet makes a light come on in a third world country. On a heavier note, you can set the fan to come on to remove the odors.
-- Amishman35, May 15 2001

er, why?

The turning on of a fan is a good idea, though.
-- jetgrrl, May 16 2001

Very much an extension of personal ring tones - setting your toilet for individual expression.

I like the idea of the lights dimming. Would love some sort of device that did that when I am angry.
-- benfrost, Jun 20 2001

Perhaps a blood-pressure or muscle-tension meter could send a signal causing the lights to dim and producing an angry buzzing sound?
-- wiml, Jun 21 2001

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